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Jessie Morgan

Christchurch [Country Rock, Pop, Pop-Rock]

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Jessie Morgan
  1. Across the Barricades
Jessie Morgan is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand. She grew up singing in church bands and musicals and fell in love with the craft. "I just do it all the time!" she laughs. "I literally can not help myself. There is always a tune in my head. The only time I'm not singing is when I'm in a meeting..and even then it takes all the self control I have."

When asked how she started writing she replies,"I started writing after I had a fall out with a really good friend and music was the only language we kinda shared.
"Ever since then it's been something I do every night before bed. Kinda like writing in a journal..a potentially public journal! Most of these songs I write are just my silent prayers being spoken"

Across the Barricades she describes as her most personal song, but hidden under a double meaning. "It's kinda like a snippet of the journey I've been on through the past couple of years. People I have faced and situations that arose. I was finding my feet in my dream"

When asked about In On a Secret she says: "When I first started working on it, it felt like such an original idea! But these days, there's so many songs about not being perfect. It's almost cliche. But this one is for my people."

As for her future? "I'm a dreamer. That much is obvious to me. Where it goes?..I don't really know yet!..Guess I never will 'till I'm there"
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Dj-k says:
{ 03-30-2013 19:32 }
nice tune
{ 08-07-2012 06:35 }
Interesting bio too Jessie, I must add, a bit like myself, a dreamer, with always a tune in the head. Love from Rob
{ 08-07-2012 06:32 }
Great voice Jessie, taking off to wuthering heights, making me think of Kate Bush! A big 55555 from Rob, Belgium
{ 08-02-2012 21:43 }
When u get a. Chance come check me out
Natahlie says:
{ 08-02-2012 19:42 }
You have a great range and unique singing style. May your gift take you far!:) God Bless! 5 stars pretty lady:)
elmotion says:
{ 08-01-2012 14:48 }
agree !! nice high tone vocals
mental Invasion
{ 08-01-2012 00:50 }
Beautiful vocals keep it up 5 the music is great