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jackson, TN [Rap, HipHop, Singer]

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Born and raised in St.Louis Mo. JFlowstudio2 has been making rap music since he was 15yrs old. Inspired by the rap culture, Jflow began writing lyrics which later transformed into producing and engineering also into doing all geres of music like country rap rnb rock alternative ect. As a lyricist Jflow often finds himself unraveling twisted tales of pop- culture and esoteric themes of modern conspiracy theories. As an artist, Jflow finds himself obsessed with fast flowing, fans, money, and the music industry and he often shares his fascination with these themes throughout his lyrics. Though the content may be phenomenal, Jflow has original material you absolutely cant deny. I have been blessed in music
and I am a unknown musical phenomenon...
Check out all my styles I am looking for
a record deal lets talk....
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Cheqplay says:
{ 11-24-2013 02:08 }
I wanna do beat and collabo with you. Jflow.... How???
elizabeth says:
{ 04-18-2012 13:39 }
upload more I love your music
elizabeth says:
{ 04-18-2012 13:38 }
you are off the chain nice work I hope you get a break!!!!!!
Scoobie says:
{ 04-15-2012 18:12 }
Check out my first single party on my page... Good song btw
Aaron Brook
{ 04-14-2012 21:35 }
I like your sound bro. Not my genre, but I have a lot of friends that are in your genre. You have a kick-ass sound for sure. If you get a chance come rate me a 5. 5 for you man!