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Marshal Drinkwater

South Africa [Folk, Country, Blues]

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Hi.Like everyone on this showcase I want to do good and to be a recording artistandto be recognised for my talent. I have 3 guitars, 2 which I made myself and a Gallo guitar. I write my songs by complaining into a camcorder, sometimes for a solid hour, I then play the camcorder back over the tv set and see if there is anything worth saving. Sometimes there's only a chorus, sometimes a verse of words. I have a full cd's worth of these so writen songs. So hopefully someone of note comes along and says xyz
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{ 10-07-2012 15:26 }
hello marshal.put on some tunes?
Jessica Hendrickson
{ 11-09-2009 18:55 }
hey, thanks for your comment, i don't check this that often, i just saw it. great advice. haven't listened to you yet, but will post another comment.
James W Barnhart
{ 11-07-2009 18:17 }
Hmmmm, no music, no pic.... That might help to get you noticed? We can't tell what you do with no music. I would like to hear what you do.
Joshua Jamez
{ 09-21-2009 22:49 }
Thanks for your encouraging comment Marshall, God bless you