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Colac [Pop-Rock, Prog Rock, Alt. Rock]

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This image gives a clue to how I mainly work
  1. Cold Shoulders
  2. Everybody Breaks A Glass
  3. Live Like A Warrior (remix contest entry)
  4. Love The Way You Dance (remix)
  5. Shine4U (remix)
All of the songs presented here are by other artists and remixed by myself. In most cases all that remains of the original versions are the vocals. These new arrangements differ from the originals in both style and intrumentation, and are much more complex. The "added complexity" springs from my interest in prog rock, although the end results are not necessarily reminiscence of any existing prog rock.
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{ 11-11-2012 09:15 }
i see u doing your thing
Chris Sebby
{ 08-22-2012 12:52 }
cool tunes 5 stars from me back 5 star and hit like on f-book if ya dig1