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[Christian Rock, Christian, Alt. Rock]

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[/color]KrYpTiC k (w/ SaMMy D)
To be honest, when I first saw KrYpTiC k and SaMMy D I was like--yeah, brave guitars, big hearts = big what? Well, this is what I learned:
KrYpTiC k matches biker hellion SaMMy D note for note in energy and brutality; while KrYpTic K's lyrics are often soaked in an inky, brooding heaviness, her quirky humor and stage antics, boldness and unshakeable faith hold it all together.

Brilliant. Bizarre. Breathtaking.

Added bonus: Frontwoman KrYpTiC k is absolutely insane... remember to keep hands and feet clear -

--reba rock
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STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 04-21-2008 20:32 }
just comin through to show my R E S P E C T, your musik holds no boundariez, got my full out S U P P O R T, 5, h i tbak
George Ides
{ 03-20-2008 11:33 }
Gave you five for your efforts, good going there
Kelley Krueger
{ 03-12-2008 20:34 }
Good evening Kim I was just listenin' to your tunes awhile... Your songs are sure heartfelt... some real depth went in to em'... Kelley K
{ 03-09-2008 16:32 }
Aways great music from you. Nothing less than a 5. Good luck in the contest.
Doug Hallock
{ 03-05-2008 08:22 }
How unique you are! This is great stuff. Blessings - Doug
Bob & Deb Eaton
{ 03-04-2008 22:25 }
Crazy stuff! We're your 4th vote with a solid 5! Love it, love it, love!! Crazy, but right on the mark!!!!
Ron Wess MusaQ! ElectroniQ MUSAQ!
{ 03-04-2008 16:26 }
hey how are ya, hope fine. Nothing like puttin it down 4 Christ! nice prod. gave ya 5 fo sho. keep bangin! gave you 5 fo sho, welcome 2 SYM! get at me new track "SpeedRacer 08" Look Listen & Enjoy! PEACELOVE&GODBLESS! RON WESS