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Lee Maddison

Hartlepool [Folk, Pop]

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4.9 Rating | 10 Votes | 8365 Views |
Debut album 'A Week In May'
  1. Come Friday Night
  2. Night Circus
  3. The Country Song
  4. The Crooked Mile Home
  5. The Vikings Daughter
  6. The Way You Shine
My Album " A Week In May" and songs from it is now available through itunes.

Based in Hartlepool, UK, The Lee Maddison Band, consisting of Lee on guitar and vocals; Nigel Spaven on Bass and Shayne Fontayne on drums and percussion, play affecting acoustic music, which moves seamlessly between folk, blues and pop. A bit of Damien Rice, A bit of David Gray. Lee's music bears comparison with many classic era troubadours, while still sounding utterly original. In fact, the man, whose gospel soaked voice sounds like a cross between Johnny Cash and Nick Drake was so inspired in the early eighties by the Cat Stevens album 'Tea for the the Tillerman' he went out and bought himself a guitar and learned the album in tis entirety!

The whole point of folk music - surely, is that it tells you stuff about people's lives. Lee Maddison knows this, and as a result his debut album 'A Week In May' resonates with emotion, insight and humour. The gorgeous Tomorrow is Such a Long Time is full of hope and promise. The Way You Shine is unashamedly romantic. Come Friday Night deals with our innate need to escape the trappings of a routine existence while Night Circus is a metaphorical observation of a night on the town. In fact, all of the songs resemble short stories. Misty Mornings, birds (the feathered variety), lovers, Vikings daughters and even shanks' pony all fall within Maddisons lyrical reach. It says a lot for this CD that what impresses most is not the wonderfully warm and often sublime guitar playing, But the excellence of the songs. An album of quiet grace, A Week In May is impossible not to love.
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George Ides
{ 12-06-2007 08:40 }
Hey just came back to listen somemore as I promised. Pure classs mate, original, refreshing, will b looking out for you. Merry Christmas. Have a listen to my xmas song. Bye for now
Fanci says:
{ 11-23-2007 01:43 }
What a great sound! Lively and smooth. I really enjoyed it and gave you my vote. Thanks for sharing your music.
George Ides
{ 11-14-2007 05:53 }
Great music Lee, will be back to listen some more, for For now heres my vote. Bye for now
Southern Girl!
{ 09-28-2007 22:21 }
You do sound like you could be a relation to Rod Stewart! Good job!
Terri Arnett
{ 09-22-2007 13:46 }
YOU GUYS ROCK! Love, your music and I agree...Rod Stewart with a flavor of Cat. Wish you were here in the States but am glad that I found you. I would buy your CDs. 5 for sure.
Mark Ellis
{ 09-20-2007 04:16 }
Hi Le, Thanks very much for your visit and message..appreciated. You have some really nice music here, enjoyed listening. Always good to hear nice acoustic music, well performed.Mark.
The Council
{ 09-16-2007 20:59 }
Hey i hear a great joy in your voice when you sing a rare and beautiful talent/chazz 5555.s to ya
Jimmy Cempron
{ 09-16-2007 10:58 }
Lee!No worries man!Am very thankful about your thoughts!I am flattered if someone will compare my stuff to the greats,:)lol.We are just doing things what we love to hear like you did!BTW,thanks for returning the love.PEACE...jim
Alec Steinwall
{ 09-16-2007 10:16 }
Lee, Loved the music. You have a sincerity and honesty in your voice that comes through and heightens the songs. Excellent stuff. I enjoyed listening and will be back to hear more. Alec
Jimmy Cempron
{ 09-16-2007 05:24 }
Lee!What a voice!You got great songs too,very refreshing to listen!Just love what youre doing bro.!PEACE...jim
Tori says:
{ 08-29-2007 10:20 }
Wow! I really like these songs. The singer's voice is reminisent of Rod Stewart and the songs are easy to listen to.
The Crazy One
{ 08-28-2007 14:22 }
Great kind of music,very speciell style, I like it, rated you highest, rate back.