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Lenny Chocolate

Breda [Dance]

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Lenny Chocolate
My name is Lenny Chocolate. I am a classical double bass player and in my spare time I love to make beats.

Here you find 1 minute-samples of my work. Please listen, enjoy and rate them!
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{ 06-08-2008 16:15 }
heyyyy wowwwwww amazingggggg keep it up.... give you 5 check mine
{ 05-15-2008 04:57 }
Mooi hoor Len ;) echt vette shit ouweeee :P (kan nu eindelijk ook commentaar geven nu ik een account heb) groetjes, je collega
Michael Giulianos The Covenan+
{ 04-15-2008 13:03 }
real nice 5 ***** all day come see me
MF Foster
MF Foster says:
{ 04-09-2008 20:59 }
Lenny, I think you have mastered the bass and that's commin' from an old bassman-great material-loved 'Down The River' Truly excellent music-5-from MF
{ 04-08-2008 17:59 }
Good music to dance to!!!!! All the bass lines are so hot!!!! Just makes you want to groove. I love your music!!!! I give you a high 5 rating!!!!!
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 04-07-2008 19:33 }
comin through to show MAD R E S P E C T, your musik holds no boundaries, got my full out S U P P O R T, 5, h i tbak