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Les Cousins

[Alt. Rock, Folk, Americana]

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4.75 Rating | 8 Votes | 4536 Views |
Les Cousins © 2007
  1. Angel
  2. Be Free
  3. Color of Maude
  4. Frozen ft Grey Rigney
  5. Innervoiced
Les Cousins
We are not much but we do. From a land suffocated by pop radio and reality T.V., we are Les Cousins. The ones who sat next to you in front of the T.V. When our parents were too busy ignoring us and wondering how they could acquire more. We are the Cousins, softly outspoken, walking the middle way, smoking our creativity, drinking our passion, playing our heartbeats and algorithms. What have we become? Les Cousins. We play music for one lonely person who by default has come to understand they are isolated and alone, yet if they hear our songs, realize they were never alone in their suffering. Compassion is the key that will unlock our minds to our interdependence. The ever evolving Cousins. We are now four. We play chill, laid back; some times political, mostly aesthetical, psychedelic, love induced melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. We are from the origins of music, all that is intrinsically human, since the Stone Age, we have left drumming marks as old as 70,000 years old. Our Cousins had rhythm... We believe what separates them from us, is our ability to sing to a rhythmic beat. If you can sing together, you can dance together, by singing and playing music we create the ultimate destiny of humans. And we create group solidarity and coordinate beats and song, which create strength and unity. We sing, We play instruments. Patriotic Music proclaims one's territory, bonding troops. We play to release the bond, and accept the song. Les Cousins are people and their people, if such a thing exists. We are available for Parties, Weddings, and Funerals, and anywhere else that you would invite your Cousins.
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Natahlie says:
{ 12-20-2010 20:00 }
Unique style and vocals! I wish you many blessings and success in the future to come. I hope you enjoy my tunes. Feel free to comment and rate. Take care:)
Marlan says:
{ 07-19-2008 02:18 }
Really like the song"Angel" with the lyrics,vocals and instrumental work.Definitely a unique sound but in a positive way. Rate it a five.
George Ides
{ 07-24-2007 03:14 }
Hi came in to see whats happening, great sounds, lovely voice, will be back, top marks. Bye!
Wallace Creek
{ 07-12-2007 17:51 }
Killer Band. Excellent writing, good production. Top 40 in a good way. Almost Celtic/Pop. I give ya 5x10. Wallace Creek
Joey Lindly
{ 06-16-2007 04:26 }
i love texas, and i love les cousins! 5! joey lindly~
James Macon
{ 06-12-2007 23:47 }
Hey guys, and gal! Great music... really like innervoice (I hope I got the name right). Keep it up! There just ain't nothing like the music from TEXAS!! Macon
{ 06-12-2007 05:24 }
very nice music! Keep it up. Juliana Please visit my sites: