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Loren Dean

Chanhassen, MN [Prog Rock, New Age, Easy Listening]

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  1. Egypt
  2. Japanese Garden
  3. National Strike!
If you listen, listen all the way
If you listen, what would you say
Whatever you say, it will be okay

Your opinons carry weight


This is a dreamy song that comes from a dream. Not one single note (after the first note, of course) is on the beat. Once it starts breathing inside of you, you will never want to be without it.

to my friends.
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{ 01-27-2011 10:41 }
Good music,I enjoyed your showcase 5 from DK
Mr Boxxxcutta
{ 01-11-2011 11:25 }
sicc music! let me know if ya need a music video i do everything Hi Definition and prices start at only $99 so get at me or call me up at 763-486-7064 givin ya a 5 keep in touch, And im also always down to collab
Air Echo Music
{ 09-20-2008 20:28 }
Hi Loren, I love every music notes & lyrics from! U wroteSoDetail! &U'd write various knids of music! Bravo4U! Love dBest=Egypt! Love d intro so much! Send more4us2enjoyplease! uV=16,+myV5A=17v! God Bless U + the baby, so cute! (º.º) Love Peter
Wouter Simoens
{ 09-20-2008 19:02 }
deeply moving and very beautiful!! take 5!! please visit also my showcase, thx
Steven Jackson
{ 06-30-2008 12:54 }
Absolutely lovely, beautifully done...touches of Enigma, Vangelis but VERY original. Like a watercolour painting..gorgeous. 5 all the way. Please visit my showcase if you get a chance. All the very best, sincerely SJ
Dan Clepper
{ 06-09-2008 01:59 }
Outstanding! Enjoyed!!
MF Foster
MF Foster says:
{ 01-03-2008 19:25 }
A truly lovely composition-wish I could play keyboards like you. This music moves like mist and fog-great job. -5- MF
The Council
{ 01-01-2008 22:13 }
The cresendos keep eminating from your music ,it,s like a dance from cloud to cloud, very beautiful, top shelf ,five /peace chazz
Leo D
Leo D says:
{ 12-29-2007 23:25 }
Came by the other day and left u a 5 after listening to your music. Went to leave you a comment and found I had used all of mine up. I wanted to come back and tell you how much I enjoyed your music!!
{ 11-25-2007 12:29 }
Very good music, a big 5 to you from Belgium! Funky greetings :)
{ 11-25-2007 12:29 }
Very good music, a big 5 to you from Belgium! Funky greetings :)
Motown Moe
{ 11-10-2007 11:45 }
Nicely done this song takes me to a different place (5) for you. Peace MM
laurence cooper
{ 11-03-2007 23:46 }
Appreciate your input loren reagards laurence cooper
Vanessa Moses
{ 11-03-2007 16:45 }
Nice music here lorean,, fantastic arrangements and i love the song,,wish you all the best a 5 for you, do check out my music as well...much love Vanessa Moses
Working till 2am
{ 10-29-2007 14:52 }
very cool...when the chant like part comes in reminds me of a track off of meddle...keep things like this is completely different and it works.
laurence cooper
{ 10-27-2007 23:07 }
well ...real dreamy I drifted off while listening to it as that has that quality of evoking feelings and of other times Regards laurence cooper
Jozua K.
Jozua K. says:
{ 10-25-2007 18:56 }
Wondrous clean music from separate class. A sound full mystics. Soundfull movements. Tangible! Is this Magic Cheops music??? Big vote (5) Great work...Loren D. "Luv" for the tunes!!!!
Wendell Tilley
{ 10-25-2007 14:48 }
Very nice Loren! Thanks for your comment!
Mark Hvilsted
{ 10-25-2007 10:08 }
amazing. at first i didnt feel like it worked but then i loved it. really nice!
Jim O
{ 10-25-2007 09:51 }
I've listened to this composition about 4 times and in theory it shouldn't work....but it does It feels as if this music almost came from another world.I have to say I loved everything about it.I'm giving you a 5.All the best. Jim
Arshreddian Orchestra
{ 10-23-2007 23:38 }
this is deep. i really liked it...a five from me...rock on....
{ 10-22-2007 23:44 }
I LOVE IT IT... I want to send this to my contact....Richard horowitz... he composes for movies..... My name is...shhh (Jamey Jimerson)
{ 10-22-2007 23:41 }
I love, love, love you comment Buy Now! .. check out this music too and my myspace/jjjetplan3 I want to do a colaboration
salim montreal
{ 10-22-2007 20:13 }
nice music i will make a good tune using my music with yours big 555
Unique Styleza
{ 10-22-2007 19:44 }
Welcome to Sym.I enjoyed listening and I must say your music is very nice as well as soothing for the heart and soul..You got my vote. Stop by and visit my showcase when you get a chance ..until..peace.