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Lyrical E

Mesquite, TX [R&B, HipHop, Jazz]

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Lyrical E...The Debut
  1. I Was Wrong
  2. Perfect Love
Born Elizabeth Francine Martin in Dallas, Texas, Lyrical E began writing songs and poetry very early. Every spare piece of paper, even toilet paper or ripped scraps, became the breeding ground for lyrics that reach deep and entertain immensely.

Martin has always aspired to create music (lyrics) to which men and women alike can relate. This artist is also an accomplished poet and graphic designer. Putting all of her creative talents to work at once, as well as employing the talents of DJ Quick (of Dallas, Texas) she has produced music of which she is very proud.

She is also the proud mother of three children, and she strives to leave a legacy for them, of which they can one day be proud.
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{ 09-14-2007 12:17 }
Lyrical, You Have A Wonderful Voice, And A Strong Written Word Content! I am Convinced! Welcome To SYM, And Let Me Be The First To Give You A Well Deserved Five!...5