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LT aka Lyrically Twisted

Pomona, CA [Rap, HipHop, Gospel]

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The Creative Mind of: LT aka Lyrically Twisted
LT, also known as Lyrically Twisted, gets his name for his unique style, which is his desire to "twist" lyrics to the point where people have to actually listen to what is being said and they aren't simply listening to the beat in the background, discarding the message, the work, and thought process within his songs. LT performs more than mere hip-hop. His music consists of "Positive, Creative, Inspirational, and Spiritual poetry." There's transcendence to the heavy, message-driven power of LT's hip-hop stylings. Ferocious grooves, brilliant textures and mind-blowing lyrical delivery are the name of the game; He offers listeners amazing hooks and presents potent, meaningful ideas.

Music is a method of channeling creativity that must be given freedom through Songwriting and Lyrical expression. It's also LT's mode of personal release. He states, "Music causes me to feel very creative at times because when I make music, I tend to search for more elaborate and creative methods of lyrical expression on a particular topic or theme." And ultimately, it's his way of sharing his innermost thoughts and passions with others in a way they understand. In his own words, "My philosophy on music is is a form of lyrical expression to express feelings and opinions about various situations while using creative aspects of poetry and musical instruments."

One thing that stands out about this artist and his goal is that LT was recently presented with an award from an organizaiton called The BSU (The Black Student Union) for his founding of the organization called "The Show", which is held on Cal Poly University's campus in Pomona. The event's purpose is the sending out of positive and inspirational messages and ideas using the "arts" as the messenger. Dance, poetry, singing, paintings, rapping, photography, and more are all represented.

LT states that he writes every day because no matter where he's at, something new and creative comes to his mind. He's written more than 50 songs since his high school days and he's a firm believer in the DIY (do it yourself) ethic, in which he records and produces his own music. He also states that even though people may not recieve the "best" quality of sound from his music, he wants to show big time producers, as well as the world, what he can do with what little he's got. At the moment, LT is putting together a compilation album entitled "The Creative Mind of: LT aka Lyrically Twisted" as well as a mixtape called "Twisted Linguistics."

He is also working with A&R Select, the leading A&R firm in Hollywood, CA. that help and support unsigned artist through marketing and business strategies within the Industry. This is what they had to say about this young artist:

"The work of Lyrically Twisted is poetry made flesh."
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STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 07-27-2007 11:28 }
can c your puttin in work, try shuttin the lights, lighting a candle, and tell people something that will move the masses,got my support, 5, hitback
5588 Productions
{ 07-19-2007 23:14 }
Great way to leave the mic smokin like a cigarette your flow is bonkers man really sick, in a good way. Keep rockin
{ 07-19-2007 03:07 }
Yo young brother you are lyrically gifted, and your material is the truth, rate you a 5 all day. Check out my site, and, let me know what you think, please vote. Holla back at me.
Mr. My City
{ 07-19-2007 02:58 }
What up doe homie! Ya shit is good! U kno u got my vote and itz a 5, no doubt! Keep grindin til u get to the top where we all wanna be! Check out my showcase.
HollyWood Cuzz
{ 07-19-2007 01:56 }