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Priceless Productions

Bentonville, AR [HipHop, Rap, Reggae]

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Group Members - Polar Bear, Duce B, N-doe

We came together with a plan to bring something new to the rap game. We are veterans in this, and we give respect to any individual that respects the game. Two new songs are being uploaded, titled "Rock Out" which is about going to the club and having fun. "Bounc-N Remix" is the second track we dropped recently, which is a remix to the original song called "bounc-N" by us.
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Cuevo Jones
{ 09-12-2007 23:41 }
dats wassup just let me know (whenever) im feelin da muzic 2....i gave u a 5 on da vote ~real talk~ ~*~Cuevo Jone$~*~
{ 09-12-2007 15:12 }
tight tracks stater from 4-dice u got a 5 4sho
Cruz N
Yea nice tracks. Thanks for the love!!! HOLLA BACK!!! PEACE!!!
jobe says:
{ 09-03-2007 14:13 }
love those trax. keep grindin