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Maggie/Maggie & The Misfits

Collinsville, IL [Country]

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4.58 Rating | 12 Votes | 4270 Views |
Maggie's Nashville weekend   4-18-09
  1. Cheaters Palace
  2. I Don't Have The Strength
  3. She's The One With You
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TizHere says:
{ 12-10-2007 13:03 }
I really like this music and the song's you and your band played. Cheater's Place is a great song. The band sounds great and you do fantastic. Keep up the good work.Looking forward to seeing another song written by you. Your Friend Sharon
G.H. Barnes
{ 09-19-2007 20:29 }
{ 09-15-2007 10:56 }
Welcome my new country friends to SYM. Lots of nice people like us struggling against the odds in the business here...."Keep It Country" back to you. ck out and join my country club "KEEPING IT COUNTRY".. DUANE LEE PROCTRO 5'S
Mario says:
{ 09-11-2007 09:26 }
am just in love with the tunes guys! you are doing very great.... keep it up! Mario...tell me what you think of mine.see ya.
Southern Girl!
{ 09-10-2007 23:11 }
Good ole country sound! I like that!!
Marvin Davis
{ 09-10-2007 14:04 }
Thanks for stopping by.... Marvin
{ 09-09-2007 16:48 }
Hi Maggie.... great traditional country sound !!!!! Drop by again sometime :-) Brandon Lynn Shane
The Country Connection Band
{ 09-09-2007 12:45 }
Love Your Music!!! Gave you a nice 5**** for great work! Please visit us and give us a rating with a comment. Terry and Sherri "The Country Connection"
John Davis
{ 09-08-2007 20:16 }
hay Bill said there was some good music over he sure knows what good music is. 5's all the way
Bill Sterling
{ 09-08-2007 11:37 }
Hi Maggie Welcome to "SYM" I thought you might like it. Sounding great.. thanks for the vote and comment.. Here's a big five for you and the Misfits. Love it.
anna marie burden
{ 09-08-2007 10:30 }
hey maggie thanks for the great music and tip of this sym place love it thanks so much anna marie burden
Allery says:
{ 09-08-2007 01:50 }
Love the feeling your music gives out! Maggie you and the guys look like you have alot of fun playing & being alive! Gave you 5*** doll. Keep up the good work. Love & support for you Allery