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Michael Phillips

LONDON [Rock, Underground, Folk]

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bone men by Mike

I plays an eclectic collection of ambient music influenced by sounds from around the world and around the corner.
I have an album for sale called "Sounds from a quieter stream" you can get it via cd baby.

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>> click here for my movies at you tube

Thanks for listening

all music,words and recording by michael phillips (unless otherwise stated)
copyright © 2007 Michael Phillips
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Gina G.
Gina G. says:
{ 03-08-2009 19:05 }
Thank You.I love your music and sound ,love the guitar playing,it is beautiful.5s and a vote.Gina G
MaddBeat says:
{ 09-07-2008 10:12 }
checkout wanna collab get at me gave u a 5 get at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*** says:
{ 08-28-2008 18:03 }
amazing !!! "people are strange" ruleeee !!! keep it up !!! 5 for uuu
C+F productions  way back when
{ 08-20-2008 13:05 }
hey mike great music and well played love the feel and sounds that come through in it all. as for the films/art you know how good i think they are!anyone that visits this page should quite rightly vote you a 5 as i am...5 all the way top stuff buddy.
Anne Gomez
{ 08-12-2008 21:27 }
Hi Michael,I'm glad I wandered tae y'r cyber hoose....great sounds & visuals..a def 5, Cheers, Anne
S.O.E says:
{ 08-12-2008 12:45 }
Very Talented, Talented Indeed.. Nice Works, Great Guitars, Cool Videos. I Enjoyed Your Showcase Very Much...5's all around
Randy Davidson
{ 08-04-2008 00:47 }
Hello Michael, Lovely tones here,I'll be passin' thru again.
Marlan says:
{ 07-23-2008 21:06 }
Like the original drawings. Nice rendition of people are strange. Entertaining videos.Fantastic acoustic guitar work. Rate it a five.
{ 07-20-2008 07:13 }
lovely stuff Michael, yeah i love the nylon string guitar too, always come back to ithope you have many more years of travelling and making fabulous music, stay in touch hugs Keira
DSS Music
DSS Music says:
{ 07-07-2008 03:02 }
Wow, you really make the guitar sing. Excellent and good luck. A 5 from us to you.
{ 07-06-2008 14:18 }
Beautiful inspiring drawings and wonderful guitar playing, that makes me turn green with envy because I want to play like that too :) Great music, I love it! A big 55555 for you from Rob, Belgium and all the best!
Steven Jackson
{ 06-05-2008 22:20 }
Really enjoying your music and videos. Such a relaxed laid-back style and sounding so effortless, almost childlike. Very very good 5 from me. Please drop by my showcase if you're ever in the neighbourhood. All the best. SJ
{ 05-25-2008 11:08 }
Sonja Perenda
{ 05-25-2008 09:51 }
Beautiful music. You got 555 from me! Please stop by and give your rate too :) Take care, ~Sonja~
Hot Chicken
{ 04-04-2008 08:54 }
Well done man. Very nice picking style tunes. Look at our live music. Blues and R&B
Bob & Deb Eaton
{ 03-29-2008 18:20 }
Michael, we enjoyed listening to your music. This is pure talent tracks...just a man and his guitar! It doesn't get any better than that!! Keep the music coming!
~Cheryl Russell- Jazz Vocalist~
{ 03-11-2008 08:53 }
I really like your layed-back style of guitar and vocals......very relaxing. Thankyou for sharing your gift. I wish you every success with your music! ~Cheryl~
Chloe Loel
{ 02-20-2008 16:17 }
You have great pics and a great sound. I loved it. I give you a five.
Andy Griffin
{ 02-08-2008 22:05 }
hi mike cheers for checking out the new track glad you like it.. hope ur well matey. peace
{ 02-08-2008 14:08 }
great stuff.5
The Council
{ 02-04-2008 11:08 }
It is with the utmost respect i say to you ,fabulous fabulous , i have an immence respest for your abilities , was a great listen , big five, top shelf ,much respect, allthe best/chazz
Defence4 says:
{ 01-19-2008 14:00 }
Thanks for your comment. Enjoyed listening to your music, it is very good, you are fantastic on the guitar. We have a "cool" video for Stockholm Safety on youtube if you like to watch it.
Leo D
Leo D says:
{ 01-05-2008 14:18 }
Your music is great. Love the guitar. Rated you a 5
Casper AudioGhost
{ 01-03-2008 20:05 }
hi micheal,sorry i havn't gooten back to you.hope your holiday was good.thanxs for your kind words.your music continues to get cooler every time i listen to it.keep it up.happy new year.
George Ides
{ 12-15-2007 07:17 }
Hi Michael came by for a listen, wonderul music, def5 from me and will be back fr more. Merry Xmas
The Gypsies
{ 12-11-2007 10:52 }
thank you very much michael its realy nice to here that you like our music have a good year yuval-the gypsies
SVK says:
{ 12-09-2007 13:17 }
Giving you a 5 but not only to return the gift but also because I rly liked the atmospheric and sort of hispanic sounding guitar play. And a good voice to back those musical characteristics up aswell imo, keep it up mate :D
Jozua K.
Jozua K. says:
{ 11-27-2007 20:47 }
The lord blessing this music. Very nicely sung. My Vote --->>> 5. For ever.
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 11-27-2007 14:06 }
just comin through to show my R E S P E C T, REAL musik holds no boundariez, got my full out S U P P O R T, 5, h i tbak
Casper AudioGhost
{ 11-20-2007 12:00 }
hi thanx for your are a great musician,your tunes mellowed me out.i love the merging of subtle styles into a bold blend.Bravo!! you got 5 from me!peace.
{ 11-06-2007 21:50 }
Sir, music is the audible vibration of spirit and soul, it allows one to glimpse into the mind of the origionating source. You obviously have a beautiful mind. regards and top marks Brooksy ps thanks for your comments
Track Dealer-aka-RJ Trackpharm Productions
love your music, droping you this five, hit me back, let me know what you think T.D.
{ 11-05-2007 12:24 }
Thank u friends, you sound good it... hope to stay in touch... r&r
{ 11-05-2007 12:23 }
Thank u friends, you sound good it... hope to stay in touch... r&r
Malachi says:
{ 11-05-2007 12:14 }
love the classical, dont hear that much anymore, keep it up!
Desert Clouds
{ 11-03-2007 07:10 }
the astral voice walks without horizons...deep sounds walk across our feelings and tears. David (Desert Clouds)
Anne Gomez
{ 10-31-2007 19:23 }
Hi,I was very impressed with your songs & your voice is great..Cheers,Anne Gomez
Jim O
{ 10-30-2007 08:09 }
Some beautiful pieces and some excellent playing Michael.I really loved'Minki Whale Conversation' It was a haunting,atmospheric piece.I'm giving you a 5. All the best. Jim
ELIA TAN says:
{ 10-29-2007 09:40 }
Merci pour ton message, cela fait toujours plaisir je vote 5 pour ton oeuvre bonne continuation à toi musicien!!!
Maria J
Maria J says:
{ 10-27-2007 13:04 }
Thanks hun!
Stefano Gaeta
{ 10-27-2007 07:44 }
Thank you Michael!! You're a great musician!! I'm listening to your tracks and I really love your style:)
{ 10-27-2007 01:45 }
Awesome sound!I gave you a 5.When you have the chance,please check out my showcase and vote for me too.Thank You So Much.Have a wonderful day! ~Briana-Mariaah~
Andy Griffin
{ 10-26-2007 16:18 }
hi pal i voted a 5 for ya sounding good mate.... likeing the drawings too! Andy