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Micky B

Ottawa ontario [Techno, HipHop, Punk]

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me on a rainy day
  1. Something else
  2. Beat 3
  3. chaos and omega
  4. Heart
  5. long time commin
  6. My Playstation
  7. Untitled

Hey people. my name is Mick, and i am a Self Taught multi Instrumentalist. I play Guitar, Bass, Piano, and Drums and i also have a amatuer recording studio. My Genres go from rock to punk to metal. all the way to easy listening acoustic duets. I aslo make techno and beats. and Occasionally Sing and or rap. i more or less do it all. im just on here to see if everything i do is even good. i hope t hear good things.

i Hope that those of you who are on My Page, take the time to listen to each song. becuase none ever come out the same.

i dont really care about money. or record deals. i just wanna be heard.

I guess ill talk to You all when i get your comments. dont forget to vote.

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{ 12-20-2007 19:21 }
Amazing & creative music ya got vote 55555's all day, and CHECK ME OUT AT:
{ 10-05-2007 12:12 }
Hey yo G whats happening. Don't get it twisted that some flow man. I know a lot of people that would love this sound. 5 from me. Come see what I got maybe you can tell me a few things or tip.
Chuchi and the Growlers
{ 06-25-2007 13:44 }
Hey man, nice tracks, soundin' good. Please check our stuff out and let us know what you think. Keep it up!
InDaGround Productions
{ 06-11-2007 03:02 }
Nice tracks bro, "My Playstation" reminds me of a friend who's girl broke up with his ass and took his Playstation. Made props man. Keep laying them tracks down.
{ 06-09-2007 21:17 }
Hey Mickey...your so fine Hey Mickey You are so talented,love your tracks,thanks for your lovely comments and support,we are sendin a big FIVE. It was good to hear from you. Believe in your dreams forever... Blondeshell x
Johnny Ray Buckley
{ 06-09-2007 00:10 }
nice work man. keep it up. snake
Edge Brothers
{ 06-08-2007 13:58 }
It's good to hear different styles from one artist. With your talent perhaps you could write stuff for other artists as well. Giving you a 5.
{ 06-07-2007 19:55 }
nice sound ....keep it up
{ 06-07-2007 17:58 }
Simon "Butterfingers" Beck
{ 06-07-2007 16:50 }
Thanks for my comment. Your music is very good - lots of different styles too. Is that a Casio keyboard I see? My only 'board at the moment is a Casio WK-3000, which is fantastic. I have given you 5. Best wishes, Simon "Butterfingers" Beck
Kanera says:
{ 06-07-2007 15:17 }
Micky B
Micky B says:
{ 06-07-2007 12:49 }
thanks for the comments everyone. there makin me happy :)
Miz Sassy Carter
{ 06-07-2007 12:44 }
Your music is absolutely beautiful, and your self taught... that says a lot about you. You can do whatever you put your mind to... I really am digging your tunes... Much Succes, Love and Respect Miz Sassy Carter
RE says:
{ 06-07-2007 12:43 }
hey thanks for the comment, i love some of your music, you're pretty versatile! it's great
P-pluck says:
{ 06-07-2007 12:09 }
precaite the love homie im just trying to be heard
HollyWood Cuzz
{ 06-05-2007 01:44 }
NICE CUZ holla
{ 06-04-2007 16:43 }
Damn your a true artist slash musician man, keep all this up you are well on your way if you stay committed bro, hit the kid back 5..............NATE C
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 06-04-2007 14:44 }
Feelin the sounds, U got style and charecter, Very rare in musik today, Keep Ridin Rhythms like their an extension of your SOUL< 5 ALL DAY for original, Return the opinion and vote, it matterz to us, GOD BLESS