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Murder Mansin

Denver, CO [Rap, HipHop, Underground]

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  1. 48th Hour
  2. Bait
  3. Call Me
  4. Grind On Me Ft. Lady Latina
  5. I Go Hard
  6. Im Fed Up
  7. Imma Rap Star
  8. Knockin
  9. Murder Man
  10. Unforgiving
Created in Killeen, TX raised in D-Town Denver, Colorado, at the age of 3, Mansin has shown just how talented he really is. Mansin first started in local talent shows and entertaining his family showing off his break dancing skills. From there he was destined for stardom from the gate!! Mansin started rapping lyrics back and forth with his little brother when he was in middle school, as a hobby to memorize lyrics. While attending George Washington high school, it was in the 9th grade when he realized his calling in life was to be a rapper. Mansin's began rapping with cousin and the two started rap battles with the other rappers in High School. He grew up listening to East, and West coast music.

Two years later, Mansin received his G.E.D and decided to start his own independent record company, "Twissted Records". He hit the streets with his first single titled "Murderous" in 2000 which started a local buzz in Denver, Colorado. He continued and dropped his first solo CD titled "Psychoanalysis" in 2001, and then in 2002 with a CD titled "And There Was Murder". In 2004, he released his second CD titled "200 Dead People" and produced various artists under his record label. In 2004. Mansin went to Texas, St Louis, and Chicago to promote his music. Mansin released his third CD, titled "OCTOPUS" which dropped in August of 2005. That year he also began promoting his CD in Texas and Atlanta. The fourth CD titled, "UNDERRATED" dropped summer of 2007, that year Mansin attended the Texas Summer Music Conference in Dallas, Texas, to network with other rap artist across the United States. Between 2004-2007, he dropped four mix tapes titled "Jackin 4 Beats". In 2008, Mansin put out 2 group album CDs "Murder Crack" and "Business Men". Mansin attended and performed at The Atlantis Music Conference in Atlanta, Ga. Mansin also put out his 5th solo CD titled, "The Murder Mansin Stories" in 2008.

Mansin has been featured in the "Fushion Magazine" and "The UndaStream Magazine. Mansin has been actively performing at Clubs and Nightspots throughout Colorado since the year 2000. Mansins' lyrics are considered surpassed that of many professional rappers. Mansins' visually animated vocals coincided with fast-paced dexterous metaphors and unique hardcore analogies attributed him into a league of his own.
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{ 01-13-2013 23:48 }
5 from me folk.Grind it out.
{ 07-06-2012 11:34 }
I Glenn Samuels have all copy wright paper work and I made the beat to the song, wrote the words to the song and shot the video to the song. I, Glenn Samuels own all of this.
kezie says:
{ 06-09-2011 20:06 }
cool big 5 from me ;-)
Del Bugotti
{ 10-27-2008 13:23 }