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Out Alive

Hamilton [Alt. Rock, Rock, Hard Rock]

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4.7 Rating | 10 Votes | 3992 Views |
  1. Off the Wall
  2. Orange Peel
  3. Prove to the World
  4. Static Stations
  5. Waiting for You
The genesis of "Out Alive" can be traced to Caledonia, Ontario, Canada, the
hometown of most of the current members of this modern rock group. With two of it's members having played together for nearly ten years, they boast a broad range of experience from self-taught to classical training.

Their influences, like their background is eclectic including talent such as Chevelle, Coheed & Cambria, and Finger 11, Incubus, Our Lady Peace, Tool, Audioslave and many more.

The band has just released the much anticipated first album, mixed at Mastermind Studio in Hamilton, Ontario, titled "Tin Man" which was released in December of 2006.

A huge accomplishment for a band which had just found it's ground within the same year. The group, who produces all original songs with lyrics written from personal experience, is now getting ready to release their 2nd Full Length CD "100 Years of Rain" in September 2007.

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DarkSeid says:
{ 09-15-2007 13:04 }
Hello from Norway Keep up the good work Hail with a 5 Cheers!! DARKSEID Mr.Forest
Jim O
{ 09-07-2007 07:35 }
Good music and lyrics you guys have a real tight sound. Rock on. A definite 5, please come and visit my showcase, rate me and let me know what you thnk.
Dissent says:
{ 09-06-2007 17:53 }
You guys rock! Great sound and very appealing material. It feels very genuine and emotional. makes me wish I could vote a 6. Good work, guys!
{ 09-01-2007 01:48 }
This is music I like a lot. Very good sound. I look like that guy in short pants and sandals :) 5
Young Hollywood
{ 08-31-2007 15:23 }
im impressed with the quality of recording, most bands are shit good jb on the songs
{ 08-31-2007 14:31 }
i like yhe mix with some acoustic in there!! sounds good!!5's
May Child
May Child says:
{ 08-31-2007 09:41 }
Hey Guys, Thanks for the kind words. Your band rocks.
Lee(The Ripper)Elliott  Solo Artist
{ 08-30-2007 17:16 }
Like your sound very relaxing! Big 5 to you and wish the best on your CD. Dark Wishes, Lee
{ 08-30-2007 00:23 }
thats some refined fucking awesome music! keep it up...check me out and lemme know what you think...rock on dudes...
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 08-29-2007 22:33 }
Welcome, fellow Canadians! Good edge to the tunes - good luck in the future! Sounds good!! 5!
Young Jims
{ 08-29-2007 20:16 }
good music I gave you a 5...come check out my showcase sym Friend and let me kno wat u think about my music and dnt neva forget to rate the talent you listen to........Young Jims