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30455 Hannover [Rock, Pop-Rock]

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The Band during a shooting
  1. Be my angel (live)
  2. Be on my side (live)
  3. Girl
  4. I would never let you go
  5. In my mind
  6. Long Way Home
  7. Something only blood (can explain)
Oversize - started out in 1998. In 2001 Jenny became a valuable part of Oversize. She has the Lead Vocals in "IN MY MIND" that you can listen to here.
Because their love and compassion for music is always present no matter where they go, the Band has a lot of fun together and never disappoints their audience. You can listen to some of their tracks here. The track "Take my sleepless nights away" was recorded in their Practice Room.
Check out some of their songs and feel free to comment. You may also receive information or a MORE INFORMATIVE BIO by contacting the band via email:

The single version of "Girl" is now available via Amazon, Spotify and iTunes!
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