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Paul Germana

Mendota, CA [Pop, Vocalist, Rock]

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I invite the world to find enjoyment listening to my music. I spent many hours writing and remaking the tunes you will hear on this page. Also promote your music
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Bunker Records
{ 03-14-2009 12:52 }
Love the sound! great music! 5's all day RESPECT! DDP
G.H. Barnes
{ 04-04-2008 17:36 }
Old school sound good stuff velvet voice G.H.
Richard Murray
{ 01-10-2008 02:02 }
Great Job Georgia music. Keep up the good work and hit me back. Your Friend, Rich
Lennie Moreno
{ 07-23-2007 16:11 }
I love the clapton/Chris Deburgh vibe, I will give it 5. Nice work
{ 07-09-2007 10:36 }
Nice music. I love the music very much , I will give my attention to your music all the times. Juliana Please visit my sites:
Gareth Newman  & Janet English
{ 05-31-2007 13:42 }
Hi No way would I be able to pick my favorite! #5 all the way...You have such talent I will be back to lisen to more.Janet English "SYM" jaefitness..Great! Best wishes to you and your family.
Bob Nichols
{ 05-24-2007 16:47 }
Hi Paul. Great songs and music. I especially love the 'Blueberry Hill'. Keep it up. I give you a 5.