Ogden, UT [Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Rock]

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Promisqes was formed in 1995 by Lori Medcalf and Jeanette Smith in Salt Lake City Utah. Three weeks later they recorded a five song demo entitled "Immortal Thoughts" only releasing 200 copies. In January 1997 they recruited new Guitarist from Kingman Arizona Dena Turk who took over the Bass Guitar. In September 1997 they recorded and released 15,000 copies of their first album "Monarchy Of Evil", and also appeared on the "S.I.S. Records Compilation" releasing 5,000 copies receiving great C.D. reviews and national recignition. In November 1997 Promisqes went from playing the Local Club Scene to playing National Concerts opening for Deicide in Las Vegas Nevada. Promisqes was then voted by Salt Lake Citi Weekly as Best of Utah for 1998. Six months later Promisqes played their first "Milwaukee Metelfest" with some of the biggest names in Death Metal which landed world wide exposure featured with photos and live concert reviews in Terrorizer, Rip N Tear, Metal Maniacs and many other magazines. One month later Promisqes opened for Cannibal Corpse, Angel Corpse, and System Of A Down in Salt Lake City Utah. Promisqes then recruited New Bass Player Christy Taylor allowing Dena Turk to share the Guitar duties with Lori. Then Promisqes hit the West Coast for three weeks hitting 6 different states and on the return to Utah Drummer Jeanette Smith departed from the band. New Drummer Bob Wilson joined the band and three weeks later open for Death, Hammerfall, and Deicide in Salt Lake City Utah. In 1999 Promisqes was released on another C.D. which was "The Milwaukee Metal Fest Compilation" releasing 12,000 copies. Promisqes then opened for Samuel, Dimmu Borgir, Monstrosity, Epoch Of The Light and Flotsam and Jetsam. With the departure of Bob Wilson and Christy Taylor, new Drummer Ben Murphy and new Bass player Sarena Rassmasun joined the band. Promisqes was then featured on another C.D. "The November To Dismember Texas Metal Fest Compilation" releasing another 12,000 copies. Then Promisqes headed down to Texas to play their 2nd Metal Fest "The Novemeber To Dismember Metal Fest". In 2000 Promisqes released their 2nd album Gehenna releasing 5,000 copies. Promisqes then opened for Malevolent Creation in Salt Lake City. Playing "Milwaukee Metal" number 3 Promisqes was invited to go on a 3 week west coast tour with Corpse Vomit and female fronted band Vernicious Knid. While on the West coast tour they played their 4th Metal Fest "November To Dismember" in San Bernandino California. Then Promisqes was featured on Reality T.V. in Sanfransisco with a 15 minute interview. In 2001 Promisqes went on a 3 week Midwest tour with Serabus as a opening and also apeared on the the "Milwakee Metalfest" for their 5th appearance. With the departure of Bass player Sarena Rassmasun new Bass player Haily Larson made her first appeareance with the band at the Snakenet. Metal Radio Metalfest in North Carolina. With departure of Drummer Ben Murphy, new Drummer Jeremy Pettingill appeared at the "Colorado Metalfest" in Junction Colorado. Promisqes newest line up is now Amber Brown on the Bass Guitar, Melanie Montoya on the Keyboards, Jeremy Pettingill on the Drums, Lori Medcalf Lead Guitarist and Vocalist. Promisqes has played hundreds of shows and has sold over 40,000 albums and 30,000 shirts world wide. They have been featured in many major Magazines, Radio Stations, T.V. Interviews and many Internet sites.
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Joe Mena ( Broke on Monday )
{ 04-08-2013 18:18 }
Good Job!!!! Nice and Heavy!!!
Lee(The Ripper)Elliott
{ 09-25-2012 23:15 }
I really enjoyed \"Darkness\" it goes great with my morning coffee. Keep up the good work. \\m/
{ 09-20-2007 17:33 }
Reminds me of the old death metal. Keep it up, it sound fuckin killer (5)
{ 09-14-2007 19:26 }
do your thang 5555555555555555555555555 all day