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Quiet Class

Cathedral City, CA [Easy Listening, Pop]

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QUIET CLASS   The Missing Ones
Christina and Rick Holm are a Husband and Wife Songwriting Team known as QUIET CLASS.

I learned about the term “Quiet Class” from my Mother. In her opinion Quiet Class was an inner beauty not something one could see on the outside, but more of a gracious attitude on the inside. Our music we believe has style with a down to earth quality, hence Quiet Class.
Before we became the songwriting team Quiet Class, we played in a band having a great time doing cover songs. There is so much to learn playing other artists music, however, the feeling of writing and recording your own music is outstanding.
We have learned and grown in many ways. First starting with a 4 track recorder. It was so much fun we built our own studio, literally with hammer and nails. We are not afraid to use ours hands to build what we love. Our music is built from the ground up with the same passion and drive.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the many styles and moods of our music.
Christina and Rick Holm
All music copywrite 2011

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z says:
{ 06-11-2012 18:23 }
Hello, I like your style and have given you your 3rd 5 vote. I also started with a 4 track cassette, graduating to a digital 8 track which meant I didn't have to keep rewinding the tape any more!
Brenda Guy
{ 12-29-2011 14:42 }
Graceful, classy and smoothe!!!
Trevor James
{ 11-11-2011 03:45 }
Like the nice and easy style - keep it going 5 from me. Please check me out your votes and comments are much appreciated