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Rebekah Janell

[Pop, Classical, Easy Listening]

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Rebekah Janell
  1. jazz improv
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Natahlie says:
{ 05-23-2013 20:38 }
Hi there :) you have elegant beauty and are a wonderful musician. You are brilliant! God Bless and may all your music opportunities come to pass.
2 Save Souls Records
{ 03-06-2012 15:10 }
Greetings & GOD BLESS I am Keith Martin of 2 Save Souls Records, A budding record company who is looking for talented people like you. Can we talk?
{ 01-16-2011 16:58 }
Hi, lovely vocals and great lyrics. Good luck in all your future endeavours. A worthy 5 from me. Lynn
Peter Madden.
{ 12-05-2010 00:00 }
Super Songs, Singing, Piano, Everything Peter 555
Flock of Nerds
{ 05-02-2010 06:17 }
Had to come visit you again to say Hi, and enjoy some music while here! Always great to listen to your music! Come by and check out my latest song titled "Here For You"
Delete says:
{ 03-22-2010 19:17 }
Good pleasant music Rebekah and you do have a good voice your lucky.Keep up the magic of song writing ,great fun isn't it. Good luck with all your endeavours, best wishes Dave
Jodie L.A
Jodie L.A says:
{ 02-17-2010 07:28 }
You have a wonderfull voice and great vocal range. Very talented. Best Wishes, Jodie.
Elizabeth Bahr
{ 12-27-2009 21:56 }
Rebekah, you play with such feeling. It's like the piano sings. "You Raise Me Up" was wonderful. Songwriting is a gift which you definitely have. Five from me. God bless! Elizabeth
Joe Gande
Joe Gande says:
{ 11-05-2009 19:48 }
Just wonderful Rebekah! Enjoyed your music and beautiful voice very much!Thank you for the great to meet you here. Joe
Blue Diamond
{ 09-26-2009 22:47 }
Thanks for the comment, greatly appreciated. You've got a great showcase here of songs with majestic piano. Hope you go far! Easy 5 for you!!!
{ 09-23-2009 17:02 }
great to my ears ...aaah... :) 5 voted from me! 95 to be exact! wish you great success! stop by and vote my work plz
L@i@ says:
{ 09-21-2009 11:49 }
Hi Rebekah, I listened to your songs and watched your videos. You’re very talented! You play piano so beautifully. I vote High 5 to you and best of luck! ~~~~ L@i@
Ravi Chandra
{ 09-11-2009 02:25 }
Wow..ur works are inspiring Janell..I love the song Mile Marker..Keep going..
dfdafha d
dfdafha d says:
{ 09-09-2009 13:40 }
Thank you so much for your very kind words :) I to listened to all your songs/instrumentals; I also watched your videos. You’re very talented, Writing, Singing and playing piano so beautifully. You get my BIG 5 :) Keep up the amazing work. Dave x
JD_wnc says:
{ 09-08-2009 00:45 }
oops, as you can tell I'm not very good with the internet. I think I entered this twice. Stay in touch.
JD_wnc says:
{ 09-08-2009 00:35 }
Hey Rebekah, It was nice to meet you this weekend. Wow, girl! You are smokin'! I had no idea you created music like this. Let me know next time you're in Asheville. I know some great music spots. You are an incredible songwriter. Good luck to you! Jake
JD_wnc says:
{ 09-08-2009 00:31 }
Hey Rebekah, It was nice to meet you this weekend. Wow, girl! You are smokin'! I had no idea you created music like this. Let me know next time you're in Asheville. I know some great music spots. You are an incredible songwriter. Good luck to you! Jake
Maurice DAoust
{ 08-29-2009 21:23 }
Great structure in your songs. Beautiful piano playing! For someone who'se only been writing lyrics for such a short time you are doing quite well. Five from me and good luck!
Broanna Leigh
{ 08-25-2009 20:35 }
love the sound you have here, very beautiful voice. you got my 5 broanna x
Realm of Soularis
{ 07-11-2009 23:31 }
lets get married, make babies and be merry!! ok ok, maybe not have babies, but we gots to get married!! ur so incredible with your music and vocals!! i
CJ Snipes
CJ Snipes says:
{ 04-10-2009 00:06 }
i like your songs, you got a 5 from me keep working hard and i will see you at the top.......SNIPES!!!!!1
Flock of Nerds
{ 03-29-2009 22:27 }
oopsies! gave ya a 5 as well. its a no brainer u deserve it =) ... NOW, cya around lol
Flock of Nerds
{ 03-29-2009 22:24 }
u deserve a huge stage and millions of fans!! ur so good and u deserve the best!! keep blessin us with ur music!! =) cya around
{ 03-28-2009 12:14 }
hi i love your voice amazing your blessed with a lot of talent keep up the good work 5 from me shaz
Oceantoad says:
{ 03-28-2009 12:02 }
great voice i gave u 5 check out our showcase and give us tour vote
djM [Promoter]
{ 03-15-2009 22:43 }
The original piano pieces are magnificent! Some work on the vocals, but besides that, the piano composition is out of this world!!! Unbelievably amazing! Not sure if there would be anything I've composed that you'd like yourself. See you around!
Groovy Gary
{ 03-15-2009 04:21 }
Very Nicely done. Reminds me of Sarah McLachlin. Best of luck to you.
CJ Snipes
CJ Snipes says:
{ 03-14-2009 10:40 }
What's good check out my music and let me know what you think, send me a vote. Thanks Snipes
{ 03-11-2009 16:12 }
Simply luv the vocal style and range! a 5 well deserved....keep going with it and i will peep at u 2 c what else u doin
Gina G.
Gina G. says:
{ 02-28-2009 14:38 }
Thank You Rebekah,you have such a smooth sound,love your writing and vocals,5s and a vote.God Bless Gina G
Blind Dawg Benny
{ 01-11-2009 20:50 }
smooth vocals great writing. I'd like to here more do you have stuff on another website?
Toveco says:
{ 01-10-2009 04:20 }
Hi and happy new year! I love your new video you really have a good nice voice my friend, I hope some day you find a song of my you wold put lyric and voice to, that should make my day ;-)
Rickabilly Rock
{ 01-09-2009 22:36 }
you are very talented.....I would love to have someone like my studio....
Rickabilly Rock
{ 01-09-2009 21:53 }
Great writting the way...I love your mole....
{ 01-05-2009 09:50 }
Rebekah, a wonderful 2009 to you! Picture This is great, congrat! May your deepest wishes come true! Rob xxx
musicmatter says:
{ 01-04-2009 20:03 }
Considering that you did this all by yourself at home, I think the results are outstanding. The song itself is very beautiful, and I'm sure there is serious marketing potential if the right person hears it. 5!
Bunker Records
{ 01-04-2009 14:31 }
Love the sound! Great music! 5's all day RESPECT!Happy New Year!!!
Andrew Hindu MCcarthy
{ 01-04-2009 10:56 }
happy new year 2009very nice hitting u all the five hit me back cheers my friend
Ron Wess MusaQ! ElectroniQ MUSAQ!
{ 01-04-2009 09:35 }
nice voice,keep doin you,like your originality give you 5 for sure.get at me "Pacific Blue" & "Layla's Return"Happy New Year!PEACELOVE&GODBLESS!RON WESS MUSAQ
Ron Wess MusaQ! ElectroniQ MUSAQ!
{ 01-04-2009 09:34 }
no need for apologies,you sound great & the songs do to,impressive bio,i don't have all the fancy equipment but what u hear doesn't sound like it,stay focused your doin fine! Happy New Year! Ron Wess MusaQ
Shivadim says:
{ 01-03-2009 18:37 }
Brilliant songwriting and perfomance! You and your music are both charming! Big 5 for you! Cheers! Vadim
N.R.I. says:
{ 10-13-2008 21:23 }
Not really my style of music but it is really really good you are a serious talent. I hope you make it big. 55555sss for you from me. come and check me out. Tell me what you think
Toveco says:
{ 08-16-2008 22:15 }
Wow! I am Forever Yours, if you keep on doing so beautiful songs my friend LOVELY !! A BIG 5 from me Tommy
Steven Jackson
{ 06-30-2008 12:31 }
Beautiful, that second track 'Forever Yours' is stunning. 5 of course. Please visit my showcase if you get a chance. All the best, sincerely SJ
The Alabama Gurlz
{ 06-13-2008 22:30 }
cassandra wallace
{ 06-12-2008 21:11 }
excellence - your very talented beautiful music w/orginality love it vote 5 God Bless Cassandra
David Kelly Music
{ 06-11-2008 23:26 }
Rebekah, You are musically beautifully intoxicating. Simply wonderful. Thank you for your kind words and support. LOLxoxo David
Steve Howells
{ 06-11-2008 22:37 }
Thank you for your kind comment Rebekah. Your clear talent for lyric and melody makes you a strong songwriter. Good luck!
Dave Roy
Dave Roy says:
{ 06-11-2008 21:40 }
Thanks for stopping by my page and for the great comments. I love your sound as well. Very inspirational. Love your songs too. You got my vote. Keep up the good work.
Six Strings and a Piece of Wood
{ 06-11-2008 14:40 }
Rebekah...thnx for nice words... SOme people has souls big enough to make music.. Well...You do! 5!
{ 06-11-2008 11:08 }
Forever Yours is a lovely song, beautifully sung. Your other stuff is also very easy on the ears. A high 5 from me.
{ 06-06-2008 17:56 }
Tania has a beautiful voice...what the reverb that it doesnt overpower the vocal....lower the delay(tail) and put a little more diffusion in the body!!!...That should help!!! Keep up the great work!!!.............
{ 06-06-2008 17:53 }
I love your version of 'delilah' Best of luck in all you do Musically!!!!555................................DFLIGHT
DSS Music
DSS Music says:
{ 05-20-2008 14:26 }
Enjoyed your songs and Tania's voice. Nice to see collaboration happening on this site. Well done. 5 from us
Jenny Ahlman
{ 05-09-2008 06:43 }
Lovely songs, enjoyed them very much :-) sorry to be so late with a reply to you. I voted a 5 and ya worth it! Have a great weekend, Jen
Sandra Godley
{ 04-14-2008 15:53 }
Hi Greetings from the UK, please check out my new tracks! San
{ 04-10-2008 06:08 }
Thanks so much Rebekah, you're incredible too! Friendly words are more precious than diamonds, so here's a big 55555 to return the love. Keep it up! Rob, Belgium xxx
Totally Savage
{ 03-18-2008 21:28 }
very nice, loving sounds ... thank you and keep on keepin' on ...
Tania K.
{ 03-06-2008 06:46 }
really beautifully played i enjoyed listening to you. 5 from me. much love and respect to you. tania k xxxx
Kevin M.O.
{ 03-01-2008 09:13 }
Very lovely playing, enjoyed the listen.
Load Stone
{ 02-17-2008 01:33 }
Nice true sound. Thoroughly enjoyed... 5 at ya...Mick
Richard Morgan
{ 02-14-2008 09:36 }
Hey, thanks for stopping by and the kind words. Enjoyed your music too. Best wishes, Richard.
Jumelle (The Johnson Sisters)
{ 02-11-2008 03:32 }
Sweet playing, I love your flow. keep it up. God Bless C.J of Jumelle
Andy Frost
{ 02-03-2008 02:33 }
Very pretty music, love your playing! Thanks so much for sharing with us Andy
Justus Prevails
{ 02-03-2008 02:18 }
You really put yourself into that piano. It rings of you! Nice sounds... very listenable and easy on the ears.
Caroline Moore
{ 01-28-2008 21:18 }
THanks so much for your kind words! I love your music! Bravo! I am wishing you all of the best!
Robin Hawkins
{ 01-28-2008 20:29 }
Thanks for your comment - I enjoyed my visit to your page. I've added some original blues to my page from my newest CD - IT'S MY TIME! Check it out and Rock with Kid Hawk!
Baris says:
{ 01-28-2008 12:33 }
Hi Rebekah, Your voice is really so softly, i love it congradulations. 55555555555555555
Club Bangers International, LLC
{ 01-26-2008 12:39 }
"It's Club Bangers International Baby and we're here in the Building"! Look for us at other locations like and We would like to wish you much success to you this year and keep working hard. Hard work does pay off.
DRel And HisMusic
{ 01-26-2008 05:55 }
Wow your playing is beautiful your a awesome talent you take my breath your a vocalists and musician and you compose writer all your song your amazing igot 5555555555555 on it all day so rebekah please rate my music GOD BLESS
Kicking Saturday
{ 01-25-2008 13:05 }
Hello, I;m diamondave103 I'm A blues lead singer I love to make real songs I was in a band until the band broke up Well, blues,rock music is still in me see if we can kick it together I have a online Recording studio kick ya later
The Lawn Boys
{ 01-25-2008 00:16 }
love the ballads , great piano work too!
Casuell (New Music) Vote/Comment
{ 01-24-2008 15:24 }
Thanks for stopping by my page. I love the keys, very beautiful work. You are truly talented. 5 Casuell
Ron Ouellette
{ 01-23-2008 14:04 }
Rose Waters
{ 01-22-2008 21:47 }
I love the piano. Very beatitufl and soft songs. I like it and I gave you a 5.
rhyme dummy
{ 01-22-2008 20:56 }
nice voice, nice sound... 5 out of 5 definately, chek me out as well..
{ 01-22-2008 11:36 }
Nice work with your music...Enjoyed it...I wish you much success with all you dream...Remember Dreams don't come to must chase them down...and hang on for life....God BLess. Duane Lee Creesy Creek Music BMI Nashville USA
{ 01-22-2008 05:49 }
u have a awesome song and voice.....keep up the good work...
Michael Makhal
{ 01-21-2008 12:48 }
hey cool music......nice lyrics. 5 for you. keep going with great success. check some of mine, all are different in Bollywood (INDIAN - filmy)style. God Bless.
BOB DEAN says:
{ 01-21-2008 11:21 }
{ 01-21-2008 09:22 }
bawa sushil
{ 01-21-2008 03:51 }
great piano,great work,& great face index & another thing is great 5 to you.
Mike Roxonberg
{ 01-20-2008 17:57 }
Wow your music is beautiful, great lyrics and great demos im liking it very much V5A
rhyme dummy
{ 01-20-2008 11:44 }
beautiful music, you are going to make it to the mmusic industry.... 5 outa 5 all day baby...
j gutta az henchman
{ 01-20-2008 10:15 }
phat 5 mane love your sound come check me out az finest maybe we can do some work show some love back
whip says:
{ 01-19-2008 21:12 }
great things come from great people with wonderful talents,welcome aboard!!!!!!! 5 all day and night,,,,,,,,,whip
{ 01-19-2008 19:40 }
{ 01-19-2008 17:16 }
you make the piano talk for you, a talent to be proud of, I just wanted to soak up the songs one by one, wonderful skills, a joy to listen to 5 from me
{ 01-19-2008 00:57 }
Just stopping by for support,,BigAJB/DN'BS RECORDS of Long Beach, CA
Joyce H. Summers Songs of Hope
{ 01-19-2008 00:41 }
my Dear your music is outstanding work. praises to the king. a #5
Alec Steinwall
{ 01-18-2008 19:56 }
Hi Rebekah, Absolutely beautiful playing. Your songwriting is top notch as well - I hope I get to hear lots more of that here. Keep up the excellent work - I'll be back to listen often. Alec
Betty Tilley
{ 01-17-2008 22:01 }
Your music is absolutely beautiful!! I give you a 5. Thanks for the kind words you give me. They were very encouraging to me.
Dennis Flowers
{ 01-17-2008 13:31 }
Thank you so much. You made me smile and everyone asked me why I'm so happy. I enjoy going back to listen to your songs too. My email address is:
Oneway-up says:
{ 01-16-2008 16:31 }
Very nice, Gave you a 5
conna lee
conna lee says:
{ 01-14-2008 06:06 }
what can i say, fab, fab
{ 01-09-2008 20:08 }
Hi,your music sounds really good!I gave you a 5 cause you truly deserve it!You should set up a free account at,and upload & sell some of your music there. Have a great day! ~Briana-Mariaah~ Check me Out Too!
Tania Venter
{ 01-09-2008 18:42 }
What shall I say? Bravo. Brilliant as ever. Sounds fab. My fav is the jazz improv, but it's hard to choose. Tania...
Richard Murray
{ 01-09-2008 17:00 }
Hey...Great job you should be able to use originals for film or tv! Very well presented. Keep knocking and maybe you'll hit. Best of Luck. Pal, Rich
JammyBen says:
{ 01-03-2008 16:34 }
Really nice music ... I rated you a deserving 5 ... Respect
Paul Stutt
{ 12-28-2007 22:07 }
Thank you for the wonderful comment Rebekah. I love the timing changes in O Holy Night :) Excellent work 5 from me