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Brooklyn, NY [Christian, Gospel, Americana]

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Rev. Yolanda\'s Old Time Gospel Hour
  1. A Man Ain\'t Supposed To Cry
  2. Freedom (gospel dance version)
  3. Home
  4. I Wanna Know
  5. Love Divine
  6. Somebody Save Me
  7. We Are Angels
  8. We Are Angels (country version)
official website:

Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes is a singer/songwriter/drag performer and Interfaith Minister who's work as an Artist and Sacred Activist has earned him a place in

The GLBT Hall Of Fame. He has been called:

" The Alien Love Child of Louise Hay and John Waters,

with a splash of Dolly Parton !"

Rev. Yolanda is an eccentric, and ecstatic performer with a southern rock, country gospel style. He brings his message of Non Duality into every event by merging GLBT and Mainstream Popular Culture with Integrated Spirituality. With a soulful voice, a message of oneness, great costumes, and a wicked sense of humor, his shows and CDs emphasize love, beautiful melodies, interesting stories, and a bit of inspiration.
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