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R.E. Willis

Philadelphia, PA [Easy Listening, Pop, Dance]

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R.E. Willis

R.E. Willis is the product of musical parents. The son of a Jazz saxophonist father and a gospel-singing mother. And although he is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, it is the Soprano Sax that commands his devotion. The woodwind has always been his instrument of choice. He started with the clarinet in high school, supplemented by acoustic and electric guitar. The flute and keyboard came much later. But it is the Soprano Sax that has consumed him over the past several years. And his adeptness in the use of Midi allows him to be an equally competent arranger of the songs he performs and writes. Music is his haven. A profession that buffers all else that he does.

When R.E. Willis picks up his horn and blows, his love of music can overwhelm all who listen. It is immediately evident in the sultry, and unforgettable sounds that flow from his Soprano Sax. It is clear that all he chooses to play embraces those aspects of music that make us human. He deviates just a little from the classical structure, progressions and flowing melodies that make well known songs memorable. Just enough to remind us that even the most beautiful, unforgettable, and emotionally stirring songs can soar to other places -- leaving us all happy, sad, wistful, or simply awe struck.

As a result, his sound is new and unique. He plays his Soprano Sax in a jazzy mode, weaving its magnificent tone through some of the greatest pop melodies ever written. Even more, he adds this unique style of pop composition to his own songs as well. Smooth Pop is what he calls his style. With just enough Jazz overtone to make his sound unforgettable and different from all other types of instrumental music.

He believes that the Soprano Sax can achieve true homage for only a select type of pop song. Ones with classical progressions, soaring melodies, and impressionable themes. In this arena, the Soprano Sax rises to its true greatness as an instrument -- gathering within its tones all the best characteristics of all of its instrumental brothers and sisters: the raunchy sounds of the alto sax, the piercing brightness of the trumpet, the ethereal flights of the flute, and the profound baritone beauty of the clarinet. Only the Soprano Sax can accomplish this.

R. E. Willis shows us why Golden Oldies are golden, and why Memorable Pop Songs become memorable.

The Soprano Sax of R.E. Willis sings the songs many of us can never forget, coaxes us to cling to the pop melodies still becoming memorable, and declares the arrival of his own beautiful, haunting, sad and joyous riffs.

Here is a solo artist whose performaces remind us of why melody is magnificent, and why the Soprano Sax is incomparable as a Jazz instrument, especially when it embraces pop music.

R. E. Willis is a member of BMI and a voting member of The Recording Academy.

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MaddBeat says:
{ 07-25-2010 07:25 }
check out MaddBeat
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 10-23-2008 12:03 }
Hi, my what a talent you are, Wildfire, my love of Michael Martin Murphy. Vote number #44 is from me to you, excellent indeed. Welcome to Showcase, my friend. Blessings Blessings Blessings...Raven.
John Davis
{ 10-23-2008 03:13 }
wow this is very perfesionall musice.saw you from my friend peters page.V 5
Air Echo Music
{ 10-23-2008 02:09 }
Hey Man, I'm feeling so Honor to have a Great Musician like U to give me this V5A Wow!!! Thank You so Very Much!! U know, When I'm working U help me a lot, Ur music makes me concentrate on my work! I let it accompany me > Non-stop! Bless! (º.º) LvPeter
Air Echo Music
{ 10-22-2008 22:55 }
Love your music very much very relaxing! Top Instruments Skill! Keep Sending more for us to enjoy and don't stop please! uV = 41, +my V5A = 42v! God Bless U! Love Peter
Ky says:
{ 06-30-2008 11:40 }
Thanks so much, I really apprecaite you! I can really use some of your skillz though! I really dig you style man! We should talk! Much Love! Dat Boi! Ky
Daniel Alvarez
{ 03-23-2008 01:25 }
Thank you for your words
Mahmoud Kamel ( moudy )
{ 02-12-2008 22:50 }
hi there....really great sounds i really like it..keep it up..give u 5.. check this out:
Mahmoud Kamel ( moudy )
{ 02-12-2008 22:50 }
hi there....really great sounds i really like it..keep it up..give u 5.. check this out:
Vanessa Moses
{ 02-03-2008 13:16 }
thank you for your kind comment ,,i love your music,,a big 5 to you..much respect.... Vanessa Moses
Vanessa Moses
{ 02-03-2008 13:16 }
thank you for your kind comment ,,i love your music,,a big 5 to you..much respect.... Vanessa Moses
Terrell Guy
{ 01-27-2008 00:58 }
Nice work here bro, smooth! 5x5 bro Terrell Guy
Steve Trigg
{ 01-25-2008 15:51 }
Hey there! Thank you for the cool comments! I love your sound and style. The songs remind me of one of the Jazz bands that I use to play for. Classics! LOVE EM! High Fives!
rhyme dummy
{ 01-21-2008 14:16 }
soothing music, very nice sound... 5 out of 5, good luck pimpin... chek me out as well, ya boy lil neex
MaddBeat says:
{ 01-20-2008 14:38 }
got a 5 from mb check us out
{ 01-19-2008 21:52 }
Thanks for the kind words Your Music is very smooth and relaxing to the ear. WISH U WELL ON YOUR PROJECTS,IN MUSIC DO WHAT U ENJOY,5555555 GABSJAZZ..
Leo D
Leo D says:
{ 01-19-2008 18:35 }
Thank you so much for your comment. Your music is beautiful. So smooth and soulful. I really love it. 5 all the way. Wish it could be more.
{ 01-18-2008 19:29 }
R.E. WILLIS...Your words are inspiring! When you blow, there can be no doubt that you are living the experience!...Stay true to the music always....5....C.W. EDMONDSON
The Bruce of Windsor Project
{ 01-15-2008 19:46 }
I really enjoyed your playing and the songs you chose. The melodies played on the soprano sax come across so clean yet soft. I gave you a sweet 5 for your delivery of some many classic songs. Have a great 2008!!!
Days of Grace
{ 01-15-2008 08:48 }
W.O.W. Can you blow... Great sound..... SOOOoooo much talent. makes your soul S.H.I.V.E.R. Great stuff. Wish you all the success in the world for 2008, will drop by again.. Big 5 to you....
Jimmy Cempron
{ 01-15-2008 03:26 }
Hi R.E.!You are such a great musician with an incridible talent!I just love your music!BTW,thanks for your kind words,bro.!PEACE...jim
Dylan Lloyd (
{ 01-14-2008 23:45 }
man you are to cool i gotta tell you. i thank you for your warm comments towards me and the Chi. any musician in this game that comes from here is well established. we stick out baby. a five for you as well for keepin it real and showin support. peace.
{ 01-12-2008 12:47 }
WOW!!! I love it. You are right up there with Kenny G you are that good. I give you a 5-5-5.
Eulalia says:
{ 01-08-2008 04:42 }
You blow a great horn. I gave you a five. Eulalia
Motown Moe
{ 01-07-2008 20:32 }
Love the smooth brother, very laid back nice blowin, some cool sax playing to classic tunes (5) material here. Peace MM
Pytaro says:
{ 01-07-2008 18:28 }
Thanks for your comment, give me your email and I will send you one of my new song. You can play as you feel the music. I've done that with many musicians already. You can check my playing with Blue_Attack on showcase.Let me know, God bless.
Jim O
{ 01-07-2008 09:48 }
Beautiful,smooth and melodic playing.Loved the arrangements as well. I'm giving you a 5. All the best. Jim
Richard Murray
{ 01-06-2008 22:59 }
I like that horn sound. Use to have a sax and truppet in rock band a few years back. They add so much color and depth to a band. Chicago was one of my favorites. Oh yea I was in Philly a month ago working with a co. Great stuff!5/conquer
Pytaro says:
{ 01-06-2008 21:14 }
Hey Mr Willis, very nice vibrato and playing.the best to you for 2008. 5 from me come and visit.
wee valerie
{ 01-06-2008 13:16 }
thank you for the comment let means a lot form my heart so thank you your style and songs arte great you are so talent best of wish love always valarie dunn xoxox
{ 01-05-2008 04:47 }
Hello R.E. your music and style take me back to a walk down the streets of New Orleans listening to some of the old timers play their woodwinds...its great to hear someone as talented and good as you are...Absolutely Fantastic. RATE 5+++++ SHARON :)
cassandra wallace
{ 01-04-2008 21:28 }
I love what you do you have exceptional talent with style very classy w/soul God Bless vote 5 for you Cassandra
Southern Girl!
{ 01-04-2008 15:52 }
very nice! Glad I stopped by!
The Council
{ 01-04-2008 15:06 }
could listen to the wind all the time/fabulous/chazz / five//peace
{ 12-30-2007 15:45 }
Ron Ouellette
{ 12-29-2007 16:17 }
great tunes wonderful melodic performance well done .
{ 12-23-2007 10:16 }
My respect maestro on the sax, wow! A big 55555 and funky greetings from Rob, Belgium
{ 12-20-2007 18:10 }
You are an amazing musician. I like the coolness of your music!!!! I give you a high 5!!!!
PJ4JC says:
{ 12-20-2007 08:12 }
Love your music....5 from me...PJ4JC
{ 12-19-2007 21:15 }
Casuell (New Music) Vote/Comment
{ 12-19-2007 15:59 }
Love the jazzy style. Much love and respect. 5 Casuell
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 12-19-2007 01:05 }
ONE of the most talented guys on this site,just comin through to show R E S P E C T, your musik holds no boundariez, got my full out S U P P O R T, 5, h i tbak
Tania Venter
{ 12-17-2007 16:54 }
What an easy 5! Great music. Lots of passion and heart. Love your style. Please stop by my SYM, rate and comment. Great music! Keep loving what you do. Tania
Darlene Miller
{ 12-17-2007 13:35 }
Music from the soul can't be forgotten. You are filled with emotion and it comes through your music. God Bless your path. Darlene
{ 12-16-2007 16:46 }
Nice Production.AWESOME Music.I got 5 on it.
DJ Cap
DJ Cap says:
{ 12-16-2007 14:31 }
Really beautiful music it touched me you play your saxaphone really well with nice melodies so I voted a 5 for you. I wish you all the best in the future.
Josh Beibers
{ 12-16-2007 04:55 }
Beautiful lovin it! 5 from me
DRel And HisMusic
{ 12-16-2007 03:12 }
luv yo production yo beautiful playing of the soprano sax i appreciate yo skills it's awesome soulful & amazing keep doing u i got 555555555555555555 on it please rate my music GOD BLESS
{ 12-16-2007 02:08 }
Hi, I love ur style, keep it up, ur good . pls have the time to check my stuff out. and critise me. Tell me what u think about my kind of music and pls rate me. keep doing what u are doing. Regards Sean Briggs
{ 12-16-2007 00:42 }
Nice voice, gave 5, wish You success and more live music in future :) When you have the chance, please check out my showcase! Thank You So Much. Juliana
Jah' Mil says:
{ 12-15-2007 22:04 }
fo Sho I like Your sound.
Jah' Mil says:
{ 12-15-2007 21:12 }
Nice music fo sho!!!! Holla at my page and check out the new track titled "Would You Say That" let me know what you think.... "Mista" Garvey