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Rickey Lee Watson
“Time for Change”
The timely recordings which Rickey Lee Watson, as a Country Artist, will be measured , may be
critically acclaimed, while remaining commercially sound. Therefore, it shouldn’t be any surprise
that the first cut “What I Love About America” doesn’t break new ground. It treads the familiar
waters of American pride. Though views differ among media and press, throughout the twelve
songs, Rickey demonstrates he knows exactly what Contemporary Country Music and heartfelt
songs are all about. Bringing common themes of reality to the listening audience.The album
showcases Rickey's ability to deliver a message with the familiar line:
“I Still Gotta Go To Work”. Indeed, every song on the album sounds as if it were recorded to be
a potential single, with solid hooks and melodies. At times the phrasing seems more focused on
selling those aspects at the expense of emotion. The third song “Bottom Of A Bottle”, doesn’t
have any problem with emotion. The attitude is noteworthy awareness of the growing problem in
our society today.The LP's next song “Thanks To You” tells listeners, Rickey is grateful, he
wants to give thanks for all that compliments our everyday life. Following this, penned as a
novelty, fun country line dancing tune, filled with laughter and humor
“Something That I Drank. The album moves along with another destined to top the charts. The
track, “Thrown To The Wind” is a country song filled with emotions galore and a little wisdom.
In a broken home scenario about to go bad
if someone doesn’t give , the originality becomes apparent (if you haven't already felt and seen
it). “You’re The Reason” points out where real songs are born originating a few questions about
which many wonder. The song brings the heart, the true sound of country music and fiddle to life.
Rickey merely relays the answers to those questions. One we can all relate to
“Precious Moments” can take you back in time to relive that day. Basically, the message boils
down to the only thing standing between us today and ultimate knowledge is lack of time to enjoy
the present. Rickey displays and brings back memories of one of the greatest legends of our time
“The Black # 3”, in a tribute to the late, great Dale Earnhart Sr. A pair of wings is the concept for
“Say Hello To Heaven”. This song is dedicated to all who have lost a loved one due to an
unfortunate drunk driving accident. A man tries to deal with loss and finding forgiveness, in the
face of tragedy, raising a children alone. The next single is interesting, Rickey’s interpretation
embraced the humor of the track; “I’m Alive and Well In Hell”. His presentation is
straightforward, allowing much room for fun and dancing, while the message remains perfectly
clear. Finally,
“Where Ordinary Ends” recalls a few different life situations, the fine line between real values
and a well delivered love song. The projects CD “Time for Change” and overall sound scenario
changes are sure to bring you tears of emotion , laughter, and joy to your ears. Delivering
heartfelt messages along the way with commercial appeal till the very end of the last word sung.
We Invite you to see what the hype is all about ,
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Wendy Risoli
{ 09-30-2008 19:09 }
Fantastic for a 5. Wendy Risoli
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 09-25-2008 21:57 }
comin through to show mad R E S P E C T, your musik holds no boundariez, got our S U P P O R T, 5, h i tbak
cassandra wallace
{ 09-22-2008 21:47 }
excellent - love your style of music vocals enjoyed listening vote 5 God Bless Cassandra
Southern Girl!
{ 09-20-2008 18:06 }
Good job! Glad I stopped by.
Jody Dickey_Songwriter_Promoter
{ 09-19-2008 09:08 }
Each Songs is well written, songs with great story lines, add your awesome vocals all are hits to my ears and to the world's
Rickey Lee Waston  Angel
Rickey Lee Waston Angel says:
{ 09-18-2008 22:32 }
Howdy Rickey Lee Waston Keep Up Great work You a true Bro & Friend Hugs Ms Sherri Ann Pettis
{ 09-18-2008 16:43 }
Nice work Ricky \. Good Rocking Country! Duane Lee CCM Nashville BMI 5's
Ron Ouellette
{ 09-18-2008 12:55 }
your music rocks! 5from me and welcome to S.Y,M
{ 09-18-2008 11:01 }
WELCOME 2 SYM, ya got my vote 55555's all day, please vote, vote, vote and CHECK ME OUT AT: dilla150boys www CHECK OUT: SHOWCASEYOURMUSIC.COM/MGESUS