Rick Rock

Amherstburg [Classic Rock, Pop-Rock, New Age]

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Rick Rock 2013 Promo
  1. 1. WHEN THE LOVIN\\\'S ON - Rick Rock 1987 with Doug Tann (Drums) Mitch Taylor (Bass) Dan Woods (Sax)
  2. 1. You Belong to Me - Rick Rock - Produced by Stan Vincent of Waterfront Productions New York
  3. 1. All Over The World - A Song for Haiti - by Rick Rock & Friends
  4. 1. Radio City - Rick Rock - with Joe Garrisi, Joe Konas, Nino Manici, Becky Renaud
  5. 11. THE TRAVELER - Rick Rock 2009 mp3
  6. 6. Drinks On The House - Rick Rock 2009...featuring ROMAN PICCO on Keyboards & Harmonica
  7. 7. STARFIRE - Rick Rock & Lyrics by Richard Hepditch
  8. 8. BUY ME A DRINK - Rick Rock - Country Novelty Song...looking for an artist to take on this song!
  9. A MILLION IN MY POCKET - Rick Rock 2009 - featuring Roman Picco on piano & organ
  10. Cherokee Son - Rick Rock & Lyrics by Richard Hepditch
  11. Drinks On The House_ Rick Rock
  12. GREAT PRETENDER - Freddie Mecury version performed by Rick Rock
  13. HOW CAN I GO ON - by Freddie Mercury...performed by Freddie Rock
  14. IN & OUT - Rick Rock SAMPLE
  15. K. The Hanging Hour
  16. LOST LOVE - Rick Rock SAMPLE
  17. Made In The Shade - Rick Rock
  18. Magick In The Air - by Rick Rock
  19. NATIVE FIRE - by Rick Rock
  20. ON THE LINE - Sample - Rick Rock
  21. QUEEN - GOOD OLD FASHION LOVER BOY - by Queen - performed by R. Rock
  22. QUEEN - WHITE QUEEN - written by Brian May of Queen - Rick Rock unplugged version 2010
  23. Radio City - Rick Rock 2009 remix
  24. Sample - All I Ask Of You - Phantom of the Opera - Sample
  25. SAMPLE - AFTER THE LOVING - Rick Rock.
  26. SAMPLE - ALL BY MYSELF - Rick Rock
  27. SAMPLE - BUY ME A DRINK - Rick Rock Original
  29. SAMPLE - CHEROKEE SON - Rick Rock & Richard Hepditch (lyrics)
  30. SAMPLE - DON\\\'T STOP ME NOW - Rick Rock
  34. SAMPLE - IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE - Rick Rock.
  35. SAMPLE - LADY IN RED - Rick Rock
  37. SAMPLE - Lullaby - Rick Rock original
  38. SAMPLE - MANDY - Rick Rock.
  42. SAMPLE - SAVE ME NOW - Rick Rocxk
  43. SAMPLE - STARFIRE - Rick Rock (lyrics by Richard Hepditch)
  44. SAMPLE - SWAY - Rick Rock
  45. SAMPLE - THE TRAVELER - Rick Rock
  47. SAMPLE - WHEN THE LOVIN\'S ON - Rick Rock
  49. SAMPLE - YOU BELONG TO ME - Original
  51. SPIRIT by Rick Rock
  52. Sweet Butterfly by Rick Rock
  53. The Rain Song - Acoustic - Rick Rock
  54. The Sands of Time - by Rick Rock
  55. The STAR - writen by Rick Rock - 1987 SAMPLE
  56. TIME - (Nothing But A Dream) by Rick & Carol Rock
  57. WINDCHASER - Sample - Rick Rock
Rick Rock
Oh yes, Rick Rock, it is my real name!
Musician Entertainer: vocalist, guitarist, pianist, Canadian recording artist, songwriter and
producer. Performs as a solo artist or with groups for corporate, theatre, festival casino
circuits, …plus a popular performer at the Royal Canadian Legions and Veteran functions for
senior weekly dances and holiday events in the Ontario / Michigan area.
His popularity as a talented musician and charity fundraising contributions has inducted him
into Music Achievement Hall of Fame of Southern Ontario. Rick has also been a supporting
act for countless international touring acts including Edgar Winter, BTO, Burton Cummings,
Mitch Rider, Kansas, The Turtles, Three Dog Night.
Now he enters Florida to entertain the Central and West Florida circuit. Rick delivers
outstanding performances for a wide variety of music lovers, from today’s pop, rock and
country to old nostalgic classics. (see song list attached) His dynamic voice and sage makes
him one of the finest with a four-plus octave vocal range.
Rick Rock offers much more than just a variety of music hits. He performs an outstanding
impersonating tribute to “Freddie Mercury” of Queen, one of the greatest singers and
entertainers of all time! This tribute truly captures the live Queen experience with greatest
hit songs of the 70s and 80s that made Queen a legendary band. Rick plays the crowd well
and nails classic Queen favourites such as Bohemian Rhapsody,We Will Rock You We Are The
Champions and Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Rick’s salute entitled “The Freddie Mercury
Rock Show” dazzles audiences such as the annual North American Queen Convention and
Legends Live dinner shows in USA and Canada. Rick’s also fronts a complete Queen tribute
band Simply Queen.
With Entertainment Designers Network, you will surely have a great opportunity with
Rick Rock at your event, performing in front of the most wonderful people in the world...
...Your audience.He invites fund raising charities and events that is for the greater good. Rick has years experience in recording and live performances. Constantly writing new material. Working & collaborating with professional musicians & writers for radio and film. Shopping songs for radio and film industry and special events. Looking for management and agent support. Many styles and demos ready for other artists and media too take on! Call 519 730-0272. rrock88@yahoo.com
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Trevor James
{ 12-01-2011 06:03 }
excellent showcase - great sounds and arrangements - top marks from me - best wishes
{ 01-20-2011 16:52 }
Outstanding! What a fantastic showcase, took me a while to get to the bottom but it was worth every minute. A very deserved 5 to you. I wish I could give you more. All the best luck in the world. Lynn
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 11-30-2010 12:16 }
Thanx for the comment, Rick!! You rock, too!!!!
{ 10-13-2010 12:19 }
Your music really sounds professional. Love the vocals especially. High 5 from me
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 10-22-2009 23:25 }
Great job on the Queen tune, Rick! Looking forward to more of the same - keep 'em coming!!!
Blue Diamond
{ 10-01-2009 00:02 }
Going from Free into Adams was awesome! They should have skipped P. Rodgers and hired you for Queen comeback. U are in a class of your own.No-one sings this good anymore (I can't of course lol).Seriously impressed and I bet the live show is amazing. 5 up!
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 09-18-2009 21:28 }
Nice video work, Rick! Keep it going on!!
krazy kenny
{ 08-21-2009 02:24 }
Good tune and lyrics with fantastic vocals. Pleasant to listen to.
Patrick F. Instrumentals
{ 08-19-2009 12:27 }
...specially "the rain song".. you got my 5 too... greetings from germany
Mark Hewer
{ 07-09-2009 09:53 }
Love your songs Rick! 5 from me;-)
Flock of Nerds
{ 07-08-2009 21:29 }
you bring back classical rock in such a great way, we totally missed the genre!! your songs are perfect, your voice outstanding and the whole package fantastic!! visit us sometime =)
Sweet Serenity- Dawn Van Name
{ 07-02-2009 08:37 }
I enjoyed your showcase, great mix ya got of blues, rock n country! 5v
{ 06-25-2009 06:14 }
STARFIRE (but not only this song) is very nice and inspiring. 555 from us.
Double Shot
{ 05-25-2009 17:48 }
Thanks for the 5-vote and visiting our site. Doing the same for you....Keep going
{ 05-18-2009 16:51 }
Good vocal! Good sounding! 5
peter kelynack
{ 04-16-2009 04:45 }
Great recordings Rick.You've got a top voice , a huge talent and i hope you go far.Thanks for your comments too.All the best to you.5 coming at ya!
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 04-12-2009 15:24 }
Hey, Rick! Had a blast on Saturday, too - always a great time playing with a player of your calibre! Will rock again soon!
Realms says:
{ 04-04-2009 05:11 }
Hey Rick Rock....u got some nice stuff in your showcase...i really enjoyed the songs...nice arrangements,good vocals...u got it going...5 forever
Bunker Records
{ 03-16-2009 13:28 }
Love the sound! Great music! 5's all day RESPECT!DDP
Roman Picco
{ 02-28-2009 12:36 }
Love "Goin'To California" great acoustic Zep keep it up Rock
Gina G.
Gina G. says:
{ 02-24-2009 20:17 }
Great tracks ,sound and music,loved it,5s and a vote.Hope you can check out my page and let me know what you think.God Bless,Gina G
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 12-26-2008 21:24 }
Hey, Rick! Have a great Holiday Season this year! Be well!!!
New Face
New Face says:
{ 09-26-2008 12:33 }
Comin'right thru this sit. You Rocket , Brotha. Give it Peace, Lof and understanding for allrounder doin'is well. Lof your vibes and products. 55555 all kits, Taki Taki?
Ron Ouellette
{ 09-25-2008 11:09 }
Starfire!!Excellent song and superb vocal.Take care Ron
{ 09-03-2008 14:58 }
great job 555.thanks
{ 08-26-2008 13:00 }
GREAT TRACKS, 55555's, CHECK ME OUT AT: www.myspace.com/palanche www.myspace.com/ dilla150boys www.musictrax.jp/palanche www .isynx.com/palanche CHECK OUT: SHOWCASEYOURMUSIC.COM/MGESUS
j gutta az henchman
{ 08-26-2008 11:48 }
diamond in the rough phat 5 come check me out new smooth music show some love
Tukurpa says:
{ 08-22-2008 10:49 }
WOW! Starfire has alot of heart in it, Sounds dam good! With no dought. 5 here.
Backflash says:
{ 08-13-2008 15:41 }
Thanx for checking in Rick. gave you a big 5. great sound and great vocals.
Air Echo Music
{ 08-11-2008 21:39 }
Wow Great Songs Great Vocal! Rock on Rick!! Ur Drinks Are On The House is my Best Love! Just moving 2 ya beat! Write more 4us2 enjoy pls! Good Listening! uV=69,+myV5A=70v! God Bless U + Ur Family! (º.º) Love Peter
Kelley Krueger
{ 08-11-2008 02:20 }
"U" sure have an Imprezzive Range of Influence N' Stylez !!! "Great" songz !!! Really liked "Windchaser" !!! Great sounding VOX N' guitar hookz !!! (5) Kelley K
Marlan says:
{ 08-06-2008 00:44 }
Great Sound. Really like the vocals and lyrics on "The Rain Song" and "Starfire". Rate it a five.
The Bruce of Windsor Project
{ 07-23-2008 20:31 }
Nice voice and great sound. Judging by your page and the music on it I would say you going on. Too bad you don't live in New York vica versa we could put a great act together. Keep on!
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 07-15-2008 17:56 }
Great stuff as usual, Rick!! Keep it goin' on!!
DSS Music
DSS Music says:
{ 07-15-2008 14:31 }
You have some great songs here. 'You Belong To Me' has been added to our favs. Well done and good luck. 5 from us to you.
Dave Roy
Dave Roy says:
{ 07-10-2008 12:40 }
Great job my friend and very good guitar work. Thanks for the comments I appreciate that. You get a high 55555 from me. Keep up the good work and many blessings to you.
Richard Murray
{ 07-09-2008 21:34 }
Great guitar tone and great songs..5 to you!RM
Twilight says:
{ 03-01-2008 13:48 }
Very good Music Nik, greetings from the Netherlands Twilight
C.P. Love
C.P. Love says:
{ 02-21-2008 15:42 }
Great sound! 5!
Toler/Townsend Band
{ 02-20-2008 21:58 }
Rick, Stuff still sounds great. I'm fivin' you back. Thanks for the great comments and for turning me on to SYM. Johnny T.
Chloe Loel
{ 02-20-2008 17:06 }
Fun Fun Fun for everyone. I love your music. I gave you a high five.
Andy Frost
{ 01-28-2008 21:17 }
Rick Thanks for getting me hooked up on here, finally did it! Love your stuff!! You are top notch! Your buddy Andy (aka Reggie)
Eric Mendosa Ghetto Survivor!!
{ 01-22-2008 12:22 }
i make 59 ,plus i jus sat in tha bar an heard ya ya feel me u got a nice package all tha way around an may god bless u like hez bless me
Rebekah Janell
{ 01-17-2008 16:30 }
Enjoyed checking out your music. Hope this is a great year for you!
Rick Woods
{ 01-05-2008 11:09 }
great stuff, it's a five from me!
JammyBen says:
{ 01-04-2008 15:50 }
Like the sounds you got flowing there ... Nice work ... 5 rating all the way ... Respect
Cape for the Bat
{ 12-30-2007 04:33 }
For You the Best & For me My Last. You are the Greatest. --> 5 is my Last. Salute Rick Rock!!!
{ 12-26-2007 00:46 }
Richard Murray
{ 12-25-2007 01:06 }
5 from the heart of dixie..Keep up the good work and maybe someone will buster move on this stuff. Rich
cassandra wallace
{ 12-22-2007 03:37 }
exceptional talent with great vocal beautiful stye w/soul God Bless Cassandra vote 5
kerry leigh & expresso lane
{ 12-21-2007 20:08 }
yeah! great voice Rick nice control love those mid 80's feel songs you do it really well wishing you all the best and 5 from us. cheers Kerry
sharyn says:
{ 12-12-2007 07:19 }
wow...an artist....glad to hear your work...i send you a well deserved five...come over and see me sometime...tell me what you think..xx
Joe wazzup
{ 12-09-2007 22:52 }
Excellent! A five from the Yukon.
Ron Ouellette
{ 11-25-2007 11:34 }
Hey Rick great showcase i always respected your talent,brilliant vocals and tunes,see ya around town.
Pytaro says:
{ 11-12-2007 16:08 }
Rick rock is rockin' very nice vocal and driving music! 5 from me, come and visit. Peace and love
AGS - Arno\\
{ 11-07-2007 00:19 }
Hail 80s Canadian Rock! I discovered music during that era. Bryan Adams (when he still rocked) Corey Hart etc. Good to hear somebody is still doing it. 5/5. Pls rate me.
{ 11-06-2007 19:07 }
Great musicman, brilliant, the way you present your music parade. Your music Rock/State. Nice product. Wanna go for that. You got my Vote: a big 5. A sign, how you think.....Rick?? Cheers!!!
T.Mac. says:
{ 11-05-2007 13:30 }
5 is for Starfire, and I have`nt heard anything else yet. All the best. T.Mac.
Wendy Risoli
{ 10-06-2007 22:09 }
Sweet. I'm Albertan. Got my vote. Wendy Risoli
TJ Garcia
TJ Garcia says:
{ 09-30-2007 09:16 }
yes, I was a Survivor, Loverboy, Bryan Adams,The Tubes fan too!
TJ Garcia
TJ Garcia says:
{ 09-30-2007 09:14 }
Hey Rick, great stuff, I was right back in the moment...dont care what anyone says,the '80s especially 81-86 were definately FUN!
Hearts of Steele
{ 09-29-2007 20:25 }
We liked your sound we hope you go far.
{ 09-24-2007 14:18 }
Cool sound! Keep up the good work and keep rocking. I'll give you a 5, you deserve it. Don't forget to check our music and rate us back. StruckRoot
{ 09-20-2007 05:09 }
Hello! I've uploaded a new track called "Up Above".It is an intro to a theatrical play of which the music I'm working on.
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 09-19-2007 17:17 }
Poppin' by to say "hi", Rick!!! Sounds good (as usual)!
cronus says:
{ 09-13-2007 01:09 }
BRAVO!!!take 5!!!
Bob Gandy
Bob Gandy says:
{ 09-10-2007 09:10 }
Very cool, takes me back to the great 80's. 5's all the way good luck and I hope you find the big one, Azz
{ 09-07-2007 13:34 }
George Ides
{ 08-22-2007 04:30 }
Hey Rick fantastic music mate, will be back to see if theres something there for me, looking for original songs. Top marks for now, and if you think theres one that might suit me, let me know.Bye Bye
The Annelidas
{ 08-20-2007 18:29 }
Nice classic rock sound with new age and electronic fusions . . high 5 from me. cheers!
Cape for the Bat
{ 08-19-2007 11:43 }
Rick Rock, gladly listen to your rocksound/music. Alternating, good rythems and a beautiful voice. I add you a Top...5!! Kleopa NL....show my case.
Jim O
{ 08-17-2007 06:25 }
Rick Rock...you rock, great lyrics, great performance, a complete package. A definite 5, please come and visit my showcase and let me know what you think.
ICEDUB says:
{ 08-15-2007 14:35 }
great work u keep it pushin dogg. like the work your doin . see ya at the top. fo sho
Stephen Johnson
{ 08-13-2007 08:59 }
Nice work Rick ,, keep it up ,, 5555's from me to you .
Darren Eve
{ 08-07-2007 00:20 }
Mr. Rock .... one of my favourite singers !! Thanx for the link to this site, it's inspired me to get my sh*t together and get some of my stuff out there. PEACE.
Malissia says:
{ 08-06-2007 19:56 }
Thanks for your comments! Cher? Maybe a little ; ) Your first song reminded me of Richard Marx don't know why, but I loved Richard Marx in the 80's! Drinks are on the house is my favorite -bluesy feel! xxMia
Shortcut 2 Freedom
{ 07-31-2007 15:02 }
Rick rock...could be on to something there with the name and the music. Very catchy. Also great vocals and music as well. definite 5!
No says:
{ 07-31-2007 03:04 }
Drinks On the house is very Bluesy. CHEERS .. and a HIGH FIVE for some good soulful originality
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 07-15-2007 13:37 }
Great stuff, Rick! Cool redo on the showcase, too!
Josie Vie
Josie Vie says:
{ 07-15-2007 10:47 }
I love it!All the best...Love and Light.Josie*****
Robert Stefan
{ 07-10-2007 16:25 }
Hi Rick,nice work,great voice! Hi 5 all the way.Visit me and please leave a comment,all the best,Robert
Kim Evans
Kim Evans says:
{ 07-10-2007 12:41 }
Diggin' it. 5!
Shortcut 2 Freedom
{ 07-05-2007 23:50 }
Good Sound. You know how to Rock. 5!
Shady Ahmed
{ 07-05-2007 16:13 }
love ur voice man!!! killer energy. makes me wanna jump outa my seat n dance! thnx for lsnin to my songs too i appreciate it. love and light J.D
Rags to riches
{ 06-30-2007 16:16 }
Hi! Thanks a lot for comments and support. Great songs and vocal. Wish you success. Ole/Rags to riches
maTt raLL adD eEk
{ 06-26-2007 08:37 }
nice music...i like it very much...5 for u rick.peace.
{ 06-25-2007 23:28 }
Thanks very much for your kind comment. Much appreciated! I wish you lots of succes with your excellent music. Kind regards, Jack
A.K.A. Stylzes...
{ 06-19-2007 21:07 }
Still soundin great....Thanks for the feedback and support......
George Ides
{ 06-18-2007 08:48 }
Hi there just dropped in to say great sounds, alive and kicking.
LUKas says:
{ 06-18-2007 08:05 }
sounds nice, not my style but I like the voice !!! keep on rollin , wish u luck !!!
Bob Nichols
{ 06-18-2007 07:01 }
Love your music. Sounds a lot like Bob Seger. Keep up the good work.
Uresh says:
{ 06-16-2007 20:00 }
Radio city I liked the most. Liked music in all of the songs. With 55555 for u all best wishess and happy spring. Uresh
The CTS Group - Straight Ahead Jazz
{ 06-11-2007 15:12 }
Guys, GREAT Rock sound...very 60ish!!!! Definite 5s!!!!
{ 06-07-2007 17:54 }
much love and success !!!
courtney says:
{ 06-06-2007 14:03 }
Well let me know when it is your first concert, maybe I could open for you (from one canadian to another) You are really talented. I would love your feedback. You look familiar, did you play at the london fair?
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 06-06-2007 12:51 }
Feelin the sounds, very original and clever, I can tell your in the industry 4 all the right reazonz, 5 All day long for original, Return the opinion and vote, it matterz to us, GOD BLESS
Justus Prevails
{ 05-30-2007 19:01 }
You have that sound that makes one think they've hear it before. Almost timeless. Love your tunes.
Dangerous Age
{ 05-29-2007 21:37 }
great tunes well worth a 5
Tomas Juhlin
{ 05-22-2007 13:13 }
Sweet! Great songs and voclas. A little bit in the style of John Wetton, who is one of my favorite singer and composer. Best of luck and keep it up! A 5 from me foe sure!
{ 05-22-2007 12:55 }
Thank you for invite me and nice comment about my music. I like it your sounds...it's rock me and give me positive vibration.Just keep going on man and I give to you 5. Best regards-ANTANAS