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RJR Musical Sounds

[Underground, Electronica, Easy Listening]

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  1. Dancinig in the Rain
Rodny Riley is the Owner of RJR Studios and the driving force behind RJR Musical Sounds a spectacular source for media made music. Rodny Riley is a composer, producer, and , arranger of many recordings that\\\'s looking to be featured in media around the world. His creativity as a keyboardist began at the youthful age of 8 from inspiration of established artist such as Yanni, John Tesh, and Dino Kartsonakis. His professional interest came about through a chance encounter with the legendary Aaliyah who was a driving force of inspiration for him growing up. Rodny\\\'s focus now is on breathing life into his most sacred adventure RJR Musical Sounds. RJR Musical Sounds is where current music sensations can be found for television, film, video games, You Tube videos, and many media enterprises. Visit for Updates, Blog, and much more.
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{ 02-27-2014 15:11 }
nice ! im gunna check the website out. 5 stars. stop by and check out my instrumentals!