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Robin Hawkins

[Blues, Classic Rock, Rockabilly]

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[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"red\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]This is \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Kid Hawk\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\", [/color]the son of the legendary rocker, Rompin\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Ronnie Hawkins. Kid Hawk has flown into cyberspace and is ready to rock your world in the Hawkins\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' family tradition! Covering classic tunes from the 50\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s up to today\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s top hits along with an amazing selection of original tunes,[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"red\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]Rockin\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Robin [/color]offers us a breath of fresh air with his most recent incoming flight and the 2009 release of his new country albums - Rebel With A Cause and Hillbilly Days.

[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"red\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]KID HAWK CAN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'T STOP ROCKIN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'![/color] [/color]Rockin\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Robin Hawkins has completed his newest country album, [color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"darkblue\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]Hillbilly Days [/color]and the release party will be held at [color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"darkblue\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]The Havelock Country Jamboree in[/color][color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"darkblue\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"] Havelock,ON [/color][color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"darkblue\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]Canada on [/color][color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"darkblue\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]Saturday August 15th [/color][color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"darkblue\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"], 2009. Kid Hawk\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s All Star Band will take the stage from 4:30-5:30pm and t-shirts and cds will be available for purchase and autographs after the performance.[/color] Come on out for a rockin\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' great time in the Hawkins\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' family tradition!

[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"red\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]Many heartfelt thanks [/color]to all of the people that were involved in the making of Kid Hawk\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s new country album, Hillbilly Days. You guys are all awesome!

[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"red\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]A SPECIAL NOTE FROM KID HAWK: [/color] I would like to thank you all for taking the time to visit my page. The votes placed have helped my page to reach 1st place for blues artists for the weeks of August 15-29th, 2008 and I can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t thank you all enough for taking the time to visit and vote.

Keep on Rockin\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'....Robin.

[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"blue\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]BIG SHACK PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS:

Work with the best! Rockin\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Robin Hawkins was born to rock and has worked throughout his professional career as a Songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, Booking Agent, Manager & Producer. Now, Kid Hawk is offering an amazing music recording opportunity to aspiring performers!

Robin has set up studios in both Peterborough (near downtown) and Oshawa,(within minutes from the Go Station and the 401) in Ontario Canada.

For a small fee of $250 for eight hours of mentorship and recording time, Robin will provide you with an opportunity to write and record your own songs. Group Discounts and Hourly Rates are also available. Sessions may be private or group depending on the artist\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s skill and objectives. Sessions are flexible, Monday through Friday.

Artists of all ages and with interests in all genres of music are welcome. Kid Hawk will focus on songwriting and recording of your own original song on a cd. This cd may be used as a demo for gigs and airplay, or as a keepsake for family and friends.

Robin works closely with every artist to provide inspiration and ideas. Various instrumentation may be added to the song at the artist\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s request to provide a full band sound using 24 track mixing and recording equipment.

If you are not satisfied after the first two hours, you will be billed for that time only and are under no obligation to continue.

Kid Hawk\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s goal is to foster and inspire an appreciation for songwriting and recording in a relaxed environment for all ages.

Please Note: Guitar and Vocal Lessons are also available for $35 per hour or $20 per half hour session.

[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"blue\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]For more info please call Big Shack Productions at: 705-868-2572(Peterborough) OR 289-385-2703 (Oshawa) or email:[/color]

[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"red\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]Many thanks to all of the following musicians that were involved in the making of Kid Hawk\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s new cd - IT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'S MY TIME! You guys are all awesome![/color]
Brent Bailey, Rob Phillips and Peter Howe-Keyboards, Doug Hewie, Mark Holden & Rick Baker-Drums, Rod Cobel-Bass, Rick Morrison-Saxophone, Buzz Thompson-Harmonica & Slide Guitar, Don Walsh-Harmonica

[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"red\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]POST-SHOW REVIEW - APRIL 22, 2008 - FROM THE PETERBOROUGH EXAMINER
Hawkins rocks the house; Blues are big at CD launch party
Robin Hawkins takes a step toward the traditional with the release of his new record, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ts My Time\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" which he premiered before an impressive turnout at Showplace Peterborough last night.

Interspersing his blues compositions with some nods to his venerable roots, Hawkins seemed to hit the right note with the audience.

Though the sound quality at times left something to be desired, Hawkins and his crack band showed well, and when Hawkins took a couple of brief turns outside the blues he so comfortably inhabits, the audience was ready to follow, and pleasantly surprised.

Nobody will ever accuse Robin Hawkins of lacking enthusiasm or not working hard for his audience. From the jump, Hawkins was alight, striding the stage and soloing on his seafoam green Telecaster. Opening the show with the Stevie Ray Vaughn ripper \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"The House is Rockin\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" set the appropriate tone for the night.

The rhythm section laid down a line that Hawkins nimbly ran up and down upon. From the record, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"She Drives Me Crazy\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" was a full-throttle blues assault, which immediately preceded the rock-a-billy rave up \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"40 Days,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" one of father Ronnie\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s big hits.

The throwback roots rocker \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t Stop Rockin\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" featured some hot keyboard licks from Shai Perr, who along with Brent Bailey were replaced by Rob Phillips and Terry Blankley for a couple of numbers. Phillips showed his chops on Hawkins\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Pretty Girls,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" also taken from the album.

Hawkins switched gears next with his fine tribute to his native soil, Arkansas. This mid-tempo country turn sweetly explored the gauzy nostalgia of a home long left, but fondly remembered and elicited a noticeable swell from the audience.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"She\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Mine\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" fell apart a bit at its ending and was followed up with \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s You I Need,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" a tune reminiscent of Howlin\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Wolf\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s classic \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Spoonful.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"

The title track, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s My Time,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" shows Hawkins a devotee of the blues rock idiom, well versed in its conventions.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"You\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re the One\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" was another step outside the usual from Hawkins. Evocative of early electric Dylan and the Band (imagine that) this love song again hit the mark with the crowd.

Ronnie was cajoled up to the stage to run the band through a couple of his monster hits, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Who Do You Love\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Mojo Workin,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" which brought a nice close to the evening.

Opening for Hawkins were a slew of the areas better known musicians. First up was Ken Tizzard playing the lovely tune \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Cover Me\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" from his latest release. Part of the Hawkins rhythm section, Terry Blankley on piano, Doug Hewie on drums and Wylie Harwood on harmonica, performed Blankley\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Falling Back in Love with You.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"

Buzz Thompson and his tight band were next up with a soulful rendition of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Mustang Sally,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and remained on stage to back up Beau Dixon\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s take on the Isley Brothers\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Your Thing.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"

The gravelly voiced character known as Sab next commandeered the stage for his fine tune about friendship, which he dedicated to the Hawkins boys. Chris Partland made an appearance and did a real nice job of his original \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Northern Wind.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"

The whole crew returned the stage for a romp through Ben E. King\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Stand By Me,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" orchestrated by Sab, who was overflowing with bonhomie.

Overall, the evening was a success for Robin Hawkins, whose MySpace page shows many dates upcoming in the area in the near future, affording old fans and new an opportunity to see the man at work.

Jonothan Fiddler is a freelance reviewer for The Examiner
Article ID# 996140

[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"red\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]April 18, 2008 - A note from KID HAWK:[/color]
I would like to thank the Two Paddys in Ireland at Kick-Ass Country on Dundalk FM 100 and online at for adding my songs Arkansas & Real Love to their rotation. May the luck of the Irish be with us all and I hope to make Canada proud! [color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"red\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]KID HAWK[/color]

[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"red\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]News Article from: [link=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"URL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Robin Hawkins’ fire burning hot as ever
Date: 2008-04-08
By Paul Rellinger

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Early on, I was a little too passive but I’ve learned you really have to get out there and promote yourself. It’s never ending.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'

When a personal milestone is achieved, the tendency is to surround ourselves with friends and family to celebrate its attainment.
Such a celebration can be simple, the setting being a living room or back patio deck. Or it can be something much more public in scope, involving a spacious stage before an equally large seating area.
Robin Hawkins has opted for the latter and for good reason. On April 21 at Showplace Peterborough, Hawkins will be surrounded by friends as he “officially” releases It’s My Time, a CD of original work penned and performed by the veteran rock ‘n’ roller. And, yes, family will be front-and-centre as Hawkins’ famed father Ronnie, who will introduce his son.
“It’ll be a Last Waltz kind of thing...lots of local faces and some from out of town; I’m really excited about it,” says Hawkins.“Recording is all good, I really enjoy it, but live performance is still a big deal for me.
“And the bigger the room, the better.”
The evening’s first set will see Chris Partland, Ken Tizzard, Thornley Sab, Buzz Thompson, Brent Bailey, JP Hovercraft, Beau Dixon, Shai Peer, Al Black and Wylie Harold perform while the second set is set aside for Hawkins and his band and selections from It’s My Time.“It’s hard to define the new CD,” assesses Hawkins, 43, close to 30 years removed from when he first picked up a guitar, played with his dad’s band and set his life on its current course.
“I love all styles of music. I hate classifications. This CD is blues and some country and some rock-a-billy. A little bit of everything I really like to play. There’s even Forty Days, which was big for Dad.”Rarely, if ever, without a gig somewhere, Hawkins is a working musician in every sense of the word. He just recently finished a string of sold-out shows at The Corral in Oshawa. At the other end of the spectrum are regular Friday night appearances at Burnham Mansion.
“I really like the large theatre shows. It’s much different than the bar scene and all the issues that go with that. And the bigger the venue, the better. I really want that.”
Hawkins has traveled a long road, from a serious car wreck in his mid teens which saw him leave high school, to playing across North America and even in France at the Cannes Music Festival. His father, he notes, asked him what he wanted to do. When he answered that he wanted to give the music thing a shot, he says the support was strong and constant.
“I feel blessed and cursed at the same time,” notes Hawkins. “It’s been tough at times but I still love doing what I do. No regrets. Early on, I was a little too passive but I’ve learned you really have to get out there and promote yourself. It’s never ending. I’ve really developed a sense of the importance of the business side of music. There’s a lot you need to do. Getting up on stage and playing isn’t enough on its own. It’s full-time, promoting yourself, your music and all the rest.”
Ahead, notes Hawkins, lies a busy summer of touring and festivals, mostly in Ontario. And, of course, re-affirming for countless music fans that he is Robin Hawkins first, Ronnie Hawkins’ son second.
“Dad’s been great, very supportive, but I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’ve always worked, people seem to enjoy the music and I still enjoy playing. That’s pretty good.”Tickets to Hawkins’ April 21 CD release party cost $20 at the Showplace box office or call 742-7469.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"

[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"red\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]Article ID# 973868 from the Peterborough Examiner online at: [link=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"URL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]
Robin Hawkins CD release set; Showplace concert with some friends
Posted By WERNER BERGEN[/color]

Robin Hawkins is releasing his new CD \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s My Time\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" at Showplace Peterborough on April 21.

The son of legendary rocker Ronnie Hawkins, Robin Hawkins has been performing since was 14 and he started touring with his dad\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s band at age 16.

The CD release concert will feature Robin Hawkins in the second half of the show. The first half will star old friends like Buzz Thompson, Brent Bailey, both members of The Hawks, Chris Partland, of the Partland Brothers Band that toured a lot with Ronnie Hawkins, Sab (musician Peter Sabourin nicknamed the King of the North by Ronnie Hawkins), J.P. Hovercraft, Beau Dixon and Ken Tizzard (formerly of Thornley and The Watchmen.

The CD will be a compilation of the best of Robin Hawkins.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"It will be a great opportunity to learn about the different styles of music over the last decades,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" said Hawkins, 43, in an interview. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s pretty cool,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" he said referring to the special guests that will be performing, especially pointing to Partland.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"My music is hard to compartmentalize with so many styles,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" said Hawkins.

He has been touring Southern Ontario with his band, but hopes the release of this CD will allow him to move on to other parts of Canada.

The band includes Shai Peer, Rod Cobel, Doug Hewie and Wylie Harold.

The band will be playing festivals, blues bars this summer.

Hawkins said the music will range from blues to country with pop.

Hawkins\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s early years were spent in Mississauga before the family moved to Stoney Lake.

He attended both Lakefield College School and Humberside High School. Injured in a car wreck, Hawkins said he had difficulty in school.

But his dad said \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"what are going to do,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" said Hawkins, so he started touring with Ronnie Hawkins at age 16.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"I was getting my chops down,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" said Hawkins, who said he started as a drummer at age 10 before switching to guitar. His first band was a high school band at Humberside called Temperance doing music by groups like Led Zeppelin.

He said he started to listening to his dad\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s blues albums and got hooked on bands like the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Hawkins said his dad will make a special introduction at the start of the second half of the show.

Hawkins said there may be other special guests...

[[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"red\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]b]Excerpt from Peterborough Promotions at:
[link=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"URL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"] [/color]

Robin Hawkins has been a musician since the age of fifteen. Making his way by first playing as a guitarist in his father\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s band The Ronnie Hawkins Band, his travels have taken him from Vancouver to Newfoundland six times over, many US gigs in Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, California and Michigan, and even includes performing in France at the Cannes Music Festival!
Throughout the years as a guitarist and music director for Ronnie Hawkins, Robin has also been playing in his own bands as a lead singer and lead guitarist which has led to much recognition as a great entertainer who has shared the stage with many important musicians including Trooper, Coney Hatch, The Spoons, Kim Mitchell, and many more. His musical style as a guitar player has been referred to as \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"root sounds with a strong intensity\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". Robin has always been writing songs and developing his own sound. His influences range from Johnny Winter to Three Days Grace to Blue Rodeo to INXS. His onstage comfort level is obvious in all sizes of crowds, from one hundred people up to tens of thousands as was in attendance at a recent New Years Eve Bash at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto !

Robin Hawkins also has the experience of studio work as a producer (producing several of Ronnie Hawkins later albums and many local Peterborough acts) and now has several albums\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' worth of his own music to deliver to the world ! He has never been more ready than right now to unleash his potential as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer. Be ready to Rock and Roll with a professional performer that has energy and soul... Robin Hawkins... the artist!

Buzz Thompson, Devin McManus, Earl Wilfong, Jay Cooper, Ronnie Hawkins, Leah Hawkins,
Randy McIlmoyle, Dawson McManus, Jericho’s Wall, Brent Bailey,...Shai Peer...(Levon Helm & Billy Ray Cyrus)

PETERBOROUGH Venues that Robin HAWKINS has performed in:
The Legendary Red Dog, Clancy\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s, The Black Horse, Memorial Centre, McThirsty\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Pint, The Icehouse, Burleigh Island Lodge, Puck \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'n Pint (The), Burnham Mansion, Thirsty Canadian, Phoenix (The)
(The Dobro, Showplace Performance Centre)

[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"red\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]Review excerpts from Acoustically Speaking, November 4, 2007 by: Howard Stacey
[link=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"URL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"] ROBIN HAWKINS BAND AT CHICAGO\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'S DINER! [/color]

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Anyone who was fortunate enough to attend Chicago\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s (Diner in Oshawa, Ontario) last Friday night to see The Robin Hawkins Band will agree that we just may have a new Canadian music icon on the horizon. Being the son of and working with his legendary father, Ronnie, since Robin was fifteen years old,has obviously influenced his music and direction, but no more than,let\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s say, HP sauce influences a steak. The main course here is all Robin... and as meaty, hearty, tasty and tender as you could hope for.... it was no surprise that the dance floor was full all night. With an intense, but satisfying mix of originals and covers(Forty Days,Bo Diddley/Who Do You Love, of course), the audience and I were compelled to show our appreciation after each and every tune for Robin\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s refreshing and inventive vocals and blistering guitar solos. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m sure that daddy must be really proud of how his boy has accepted the torch and is blazing forward on his own path to the roots-rock hall-of-fame and once you witness the experience yourself,I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m sure you will agree.Great stuff, Robin and I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m looking forward to doing it again soon!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"

[[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"red\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"]b]Excerpts from: November 2007

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"...Robin is playing
a series of gigs around town lately...
He\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s an inneressing chap too in his own right. He grew up surrounded by musicians. At festivals, while all the rock star parents performed, he would hang with their kids, among them Dallas and Travis Good of The Sadies. At about 15, he joined his daddy on the road and essentially hasn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t left it. Over the years he has played a variety of styles but has settled into a rootsier sound of late and covers some of the Hawk\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s tunes in his set...\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"#444444\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"][/color][color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"#444444\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"][/color][color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"#444444\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"][/color][color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"darkblue\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"][/color][color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"#444444\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"][/color][color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"#444444\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"][/color][b]hillbi[color=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"darkblue\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"][/color][b]Hillbilly Days[color=\"darkblue\"][/color]


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{ 05-22-2009 14:19 }
Execution of all songs at good level! Blueses are carried out well! A song pleased - "P16. Forty Days (Rockabilly) - It's My Time"- in this song good improvisation on keyboards. (I beg pardon. I badly talk in English language).....SERAFIM... 5
Jason White
{ 01-22-2009 20:22 }
Great stuff! I love listening to your dad's music. Glad you carried on with the tradition.
Bunker Records
{ 01-05-2009 14:53 }
Love the sound! Great music! 5's all day RESPECT!Happy New Year!!!
Yrral Mallik
{ 01-02-2009 19:21 }
Rebel With A Cause ~ Loving it right up.Seen your dad at Festival Of Friends Hamilton few years ago.Enjoyed the listen.Your SYM Bro.~(;Yrral Mallik;)
Andrew Hindu MCcarthy
{ 12-06-2008 13:07 }
good stuff my friend keep up the good work and on mu page and i know i rated you all the fives so stop bye and comment and rate me cheers
Wendy Risoli
{ 11-16-2008 20:47 }
A high 5 Rockin Robin. Luvin it. Drop on by & say hi. Wendy Risoli
DSS Music
DSS Music says:
{ 10-07-2008 03:05 }
Really good music on here and will be calling back for another listen. Keep up the good work and a 5 from us. Wish you every success.
retired says:
{ 09-12-2008 10:01 }
Brushwood says:
{ 07-13-2008 19:19 }
Right on brotha! Nice tunes, cool grooves! 5 by 5 here! Rock-on!
Dave Roy
Dave Roy says:
{ 06-11-2008 21:31 }
Great songs and sound. Good guitar work too. I like it. You got it going on. You got my vote of a high 5. Keep up the good work.
{ 05-16-2008 11:48 }
Awesome style! I like your vocal sounds! 5/5
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 03-16-2008 03:34 }
Kid Hawk, You don't play like a kid at all but definitely, like, "It's Your Time!" Awesome Sound and sheer perfection in every way, so keep on doing your, "Thang!" Dee Jay
howinoshawa says:
{ 02-24-2008 17:21 }
It's your time,all right!Awesome stuff,Robin!Looking forward to seeing you at the CD release party at Chicago's in Oshawa on March 7th,before you hit the road to the bigtime,brother!!
Chloe Loel
{ 02-18-2008 16:26 }
Fun and uplifting stuff you got there. I love it...
{ 02-17-2008 20:38 }
Keep up the good wok5555 take care :)
Richard Murray
{ 01-30-2008 19:43 }
Very cool..its a 5..John Lennon wow! My hero..I grew up playing R&B and still love to play this style.Rock ON.......Rich
Gerad says:
{ 01-30-2008 16:22 }
Dude you totally rock man....Great sound and music!!
Redbox says:
{ 01-29-2008 16:03 }
chazz sent me over, bravo,bravo,magnifique! so glad to have another talented canadian on board!
The Council
{ 01-29-2008 13:13 }
I had the pleasure years ago of meeting your father and am very glad to see your keeping the flame alive and brightly lit i may add ,all the best ,five stars for your talent /chazz
{ 01-28-2008 23:00 }
No One Cares
{ 01-27-2008 20:07 }
Great Sound. Good luck with all your music. Make it far Dew
Bernie Mckenzie
{ 01-27-2008 08:56 }
Hey Robin came accross your showcase today enjoyed it very much 5's for these tunes ,so message my showcase when you post some more tunes...all the best in 2008....Bernie
Doug Hallock
{ 01-22-2008 10:05 }
Hey Robin, Arkansas is a great song! Love your music, and I think your voice is awesome. I'm glad I listened to you this morning. Blessings - Doug
{ 01-22-2008 01:48 }
Hi, your talent is really great! You should set up a free account at and upload & sell some of your stuff there. I gave you a 5 cause you truly deserve it. Have a great day! ~Briana-Mariaah~ Check me out too :)
{ 01-20-2008 11:35 }
im feeling the music on your page. all the luck to you. come check me out me as well. you be easy. gave you a 5
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{ 01-16-2008 13:03 }
Rebekah Janell
{ 01-15-2008 23:12 }
Thanks for putting your music on here for us to discover. Sounds great! Best wishes to you.
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{ 01-15-2008 13:17 }
Your vocals are great!! Enjoyed your music!! Rated you a 5
{ 01-15-2008 12:53 }
Annis says:
{ 01-15-2008 12:42 }
Really good! Grate voice! A big 5 from me!
Laura Salamone
{ 01-15-2008 10:32 }
Love your style and you have a great voice too. Very talented guitar player. Definitely 5 outa 5. XXX
Days of Grace
{ 01-15-2008 08:57 }
Great sound Robin... A big 5 to you... Nice strong voice too.. More songs please.. Every success to you in 2008