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Ron Humphrey

Arnhem [Vocalist, Easy Listening, Pop]

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Ron Humphrey
In 1980, Ron Humphrey was very charmed by the crossovers of headstock laid back music. Around this period, Ron started to gain his very first buhne experiences as warbler/guitarist of a country music band. However, this was a horrible experience with only but two song columns and a guitar amp, well to be said something like that would not exist as of today.
After the LP pre-recording, the link with his studio experience came automatically.
Afterwards Ron Humphrey has played part in several of the music combs, the top 40 to Soul music and all kind of different genres. At 1982, he came into contact with Desprado where he played at up to 1986, after this period he took an interlude of 5 years.
Ron Humphrey's favorite music artists consists of: Vince Gill and Garry Morris, along with that various artists in the Latin, Salsa and Soul genre.

"I have experienced this period with caution.
My head instrument? In fact my voice.
My great idol of the current generation: Andrea Borcelli, and I really like to play percussion in combination with music on my Acoustic Guitar."
You're my best supports.
Ron Humphrey

All Vocals & Chorus: Ron Humphrey.
Arranged & Performed: DJ Jan Gruitroy, Sem Uel.
Engineering & Music: Jozua K.

Add. Recordings & Mastering: Studio Works Arnhem Project.
Jozua K: production
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{ 01-18-2012 15:57 }
Hello Dear one how is everything with u,i will love to have u as my good friend please reply in my mail box so that i can tell u about me and give u my pictures ok (
{ 04-03-2011 18:58 }
Very nice Song to you!I love this Style!Give5 for you!Nice Video!
Seija says:
{ 03-13-2011 21:59 }
Had to come by to check out some really great music and I wasn't disappointed either. -DJseija from Portugal
George Ides
{ 02-19-2011 09:02 }
Thank you very much for your comments.
{ 02-18-2011 16:15 }
Excellent music with a soul
Clay Candles/Andy watson
{ 02-13-2011 14:49 }
great sound my friend. all the fives will check in again soon. Andy
TSClark says:
{ 02-07-2011 21:53 }
Love your voice. Kinda Frankie Valli style. You need some originals to really show your talent...Good job....TSClark.
mental Invasion
{ 02-04-2011 11:07 }
5 from Mac Owens and F O E i like the music its relaxing keep it going im listening
{ 02-03-2011 17:11 }
Wots gd bruh nice stuff check out mine Kevin millions
Ziplok says:
{ 02-03-2011 16:27 }
5s all day... GREAT WORK keep it up hit me up for a collabo anytime... lets make music!!!
Bruce Riley
{ 02-02-2011 13:56 }
WELCOME TO SYM. Thanks for posting song. Great tracks as I visit these pages....BRUCE
{ 02-02-2011 09:37 }
Great cover songs. Would like to hear more. Good luck from Lynn
Stephen Michael Minnick (Vietnam War Hero)
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