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Shotty Capogne

augusta, GA [HipHop, Rap, Urban]

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Shotty Capogne album cover
  1. Bacc Up
  2. Tell Me Your Name
  3. That's Me
  4. Who Wanna See Me?
Gangstafied G Entertainment

ARTIST: Shotty Capogne
ALBUM: “Shotty Capogne”

Shotty Capogne is an up and coming artist working with an independent label (Gangstafied Entertainment) currently located outside of Atlanta, GA. Gangstafied Entertainment has an outstanding production staff (Sean Clyde + Mr. KL) that specialize in Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rock music. Gangstafied Entertainment is home to top notch performing/recording artists (Shotty Capogne, Nino Storm, Outlaw, and Sean Clyde) as well as several artists in-production from the U.S. to Europe. Over the past few years, Shotty Capogne and Gangstafied Entertainment have promoted and headlined numerous live performances throughout cities in: Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Washington, Oregon and New Mexico along with other Major Acts. Shotty Capogne and Gangstafied Entertainment have built a solid foundation and fan base throughout the U.S. as well as Europe with non-stop promotion and advertising. Shotty Capogne and Gangstafied Entertainment have collaborated and performed with recording artists such as: James Brown (the Godfather of Soul), Pastor Troy, Ruff Ryders, Hamza Lee (producer of Color Me Bad), Lil’ Mo, Goldie Loc of Snoop Dogg and the Eastsiders, Trigga and Mr. Black, the Young Bloodz, J.R. Ewng, O.D., Blue Marley, Matt Dylan, J R Ewng, 620, Big Uly, the Real D.S.G.B.’s, the Almighty Dynasty, Kivette, Jahmal, Sean Clyde, etc. Shotty Capogne and Gangstafied Entertainment have also collaborated with European artists Jae-Jo of Smoke Chamba Productz and Psychomatic of Kingz ov Kingz Records who are well established in Germany. Shotty Capogne and Gangstafied Entertainment have also worked with several radio stations throughout the country as well. Shotty Capogne has a firm grip on what the public wants to hear and his audiences are always captivated regardless of the region. Shotty Capogne and his self-titled sophomore new release, “Shotty Capogne” can also be seen on the World Wide Web at:
as well as,

CONTACT INFO. PH: (706) 799-7256
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Wanna Collab?
{ 06-03-2007 14:12 }
keep pushin tha music.... droped a 5 on ya... come check me out
epus?? says:
{ 06-03-2007 13:35 }
whats up dog i aint got to here nuthin but one song to know you hot i give you a 8 check my page epus??