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Lord We Give You Praise Ministries


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  1. forever yours
  2. all you gotta do
  3. lord we give you praise
  4. shine
  5. thank you for saving me
  6. yawah no effects
  7. Yaweh
[/color]we are just two best friends who love the lord with all our hearts.we love GOD he is number one in our lives, and we love our families.we want to get the word of God out there through our songs.we love to sing and write music for the Lord. If it werent for jesus dying on the cross were would we be??? without God we are nothing,but with God we are everything.God gave us the love we have,the words to the music,and a voice.wat beter way to spread the word of God than throu the music he inspires.the Lord says to mk a joyful noise and to praise and worship him so thats wat we do.[/color]
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