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St. Louis, MO [Christian, HipHop, Rap]

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BOOK SAVED TODAY!!! Christian Hip Hop Artist/ Minister/ Motivational Speaker
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I used to spit gangsta rap. To make a long story short I lost my family while I was out chasin my dreams and living selfishly. I ended up with the house, car, money ,weed , women , and a record deal , but lost my family. I went into a deep depression because of this. I had all the things I worked in life to achieve but at that moment they all seemed to mean nothing to me. Nothing could fill the void. Until Christ spoke to my heart one day, saying come to me as I drove past a church . His invitation was as soft and calm as your conscience sounds when you hear it telling you to do right. I was high as a test pilot but I still found myself turning to go back to that church. I sat on the church lot still smoking and trying to reason with myself about what I had just heard. See I had only spoke to God when I needed something and only really thanked him when I got out of a bad situations or when something good happened. (and not always then) I heard something telling me don't go in there they are only going to judge you and look at you crazy. I know now that this was only the devil trying to dicourage me from turning to God, but God's offer was so appealing it was like I could not say no. It was like he gave me a offer that I could not refuse. So I put out the weed, I went into the church and ended up giving my life to Christ. Ever since I give him all that I have whether its good or bad and trust in his Grace, Mercy and His Everlasting Love to keep me. This all happened on October 17, 2004 and Im still with Him. NOW WHO CAN SAY THAT GODS NOT A KEEPER?
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christ rules
{ 10-16-2012 00:42 }
we need more music like this bro keep bring\'n it
Dj Kaball Producer And Remixer
{ 07-15-2012 14:23 }
Wow Brother! Your music is amazing and full of truth. You have great talent. big 5 from me.
{ 07-09-2012 09:06 }
I respect your movement & am currently working on a spiritual hip hop cd. U have done a good job! Show me luv bak
{ 07-05-2012 12:37 }
Keep on reppin Christ ma brova