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Simon "Butterfingers" Beck

London [Blues, Jazz, Soul]

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Blue Wurly - drawing by Simon Beck
I'm a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, specialising in keyboards and bass guitar. I also play a bit of chromatic harmonica, rhythm guitar and percussion.

During the past 30 years I have played a wide variety of music in different bands, including electro-pop, jazz, 60s soul and jump-blues.

I was a founder-member of Mississippi John L Watson's 8-piece "Odyssey Blues Band" in the 1990s, and since then I have been mainly concentrating on my own blues and boogie-woogie material.

I also play keyboards in The Skanx, a 9-piece ska/reggae/funk band. Check us out!

I am interested in collaborating with all sorts of musicians, so if you like what you hear, contact me!

NEW!!! Blog: "How I Play the Blues"
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{ 10-05-2016 16:33 }
check out my page to, I have some boogie on there.
{ 10-05-2016 16:31 }
Cool. I love this music. boogie is my fav...
Chris Sebby
{ 04-18-2012 11:47 }
Killer 555's from me back 555's if you like my tunes also. Stay in touch.
Trevor James
{ 11-30-2011 05:54 }
Super music and sound - arrangements are excellent - 5 from me And best wishes
MitchSoul says:
{ 04-09-2011 09:26 }
Amazing & excellent music. 5 all the way. Please check out my page when you have the chance.
3days says:
{ 02-12-2009 20:17 }
Great music man Its alwys a pleasure stopping by your page 5's all the way 3days
{ 04-04-2008 02:55 }
Real refreshing to hear those songs, i like what you are doing, rate you 5 anytime. Check my site, and my myspace sites, let me know what you think, please vote. Holla back at me, lets be myspace friends.
JammyBen says:
{ 02-06-2008 12:29 }
I sure do like the flow of your music. Slick first class work. I've rated you a well deserved 5. Keep on doing your thing because you do it so well. Respect
{ 12-20-2007 19:22 }
Amazing & creative music ya got vote 55555's all day, and CHECK ME OUT AT:
Ron Gang - the BLUES GANG
{ 11-30-2007 16:25 }
Hi Simon- I really dig your one man band - Watermelon Man is an old favourite of mine going way back, and hallelujah, your Amazing Grace has a lot of soul. As it were, high five to you! Keep those good vibes flowing... Ron
Aubrey Dunham The Saxist
{ 07-20-2007 21:04 }
I Really Like your music. Jazz is Fusion into many styles, Smooth, Easy Listening, Rock, R & B, World, New Age & more. Maybe if the chance arrives we can work together. No less than a 5. See The Saxist page, rate and comment.
Rick Rock
Rick Rock says:
{ 07-05-2007 16:15 }
Very nice material! 5 rating...Best of Everything to you! Peace...rrock.
A.T. says:
{ 07-01-2007 13:44 }
Hey Dude, You Are Talented. Love The Blues Thing! GOOD STUFF.
Geoffrey Lewis
{ 06-26-2007 13:50 }
Cool songs, man. Please check out some of my blues-based guitar work at my site. 5 stars for you.
{ 06-24-2007 09:00 }
Nice music. I love the music very much , please keep it up. Juliana Please visit my sites:
Vdub says:
{ 06-24-2007 00:44 }
nicely done with the organ man keep it up
Pink Noises productions
{ 06-22-2007 17:35 }
Good music keep up the good work u got 5 visit my page
Milk And Lemonade
{ 06-22-2007 14:16 }
Thanks for popping by, Simon. I use some VST, some real synth, and some live instruments. Only about 5 percent of my stuff ever gets mastered properly, though. It would be a good thing if more people made music in the spirit that you do. It's great stuff.
Milk And Lemonade
{ 06-21-2007 21:06 }
Les Cousins
{ 06-20-2007 15:55 }
Thought I hear something familiar! Still love it! 5 from me! Betsy de Les Cousins
Robert Stefan
{ 06-19-2007 18:17 }
Love the sounds,keep it coming,Great blues.Gave you a good review,Come visit me and please leave a comment,best of luck ,robert
Mr. My City
{ 06-19-2007 17:48 }
I like tha sound, really feelin it! 5 from me, no question! HomeGrown Entertainment
Big Erle
Big Erle says:
{ 06-19-2007 08:26 }
love your stuff would love to jam with you gave you 5
2ROUBLE says:
{ 06-18-2007 22:33 }
Gareth Newman  & Janet English
{ 06-18-2007 11:21 }
Congratulations!!!! Take care now, "SYM" jaefitess
Gareth Newman  & Janet English
{ 06-18-2007 11:19 }
Amazing Grace, I loved that song made me smile and feel warm inside from the heart. all your music is very cool.I gave you a big #5..God Blessings to you, Janet @ "SYM" jaefitness
Dancetime With Linda (& Roland)
{ 06-17-2007 10:58 }
yeah, sounds like you are having fun with music. that is what we are doing also.
Ron Wess MusaQ! ElectroniQ MUSAQ!
{ 06-17-2007 10:54 }
like the style and originality...especially you being self taught..Wow! gave ya 5..get at me..PEACELOVE&GODBLESS! RON WESS
{ 06-16-2007 11:09 }
givin u a 5 !.. lubv the sound.. im self styled/taught.. i dig it.. hit me up at my site.. all the best..' joe
the marimba belles[ and beaus]
{ 06-16-2007 03:21 }
Love your music. I teach the " belles" and my colleague and me are always emphasising energy, committment, and listenability. Music is about being entertained and entertaining. They don't call it" the performing arts" for nothing. Graham...
Josie Vie
Josie Vie says:
{ 06-12-2007 22:21 }
I'm loving it!!!
Justus Prevails
{ 06-12-2007 09:47 }
Great classic blues sound. Nice work with your instruments. 5 coming at ya!
Stan Raczynski
{ 06-11-2007 23:02 }
Good blues feeling, somewhat "country". I like both styles. Though there are some technical imperfections, I give you a 5.
Dangerous Age
{ 06-11-2007 21:50 }
hey man love it. Perhaps you can really bring out the part of me that loves the blues in my music. 5 all the way
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 06-11-2007 21:29 }
Great stuff - from one blues fan to another! Gave u 5!
{ 06-11-2007 18:00 }
great vibe hit up my page
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 06-11-2007 15:57 }
very nice sounds, Anyone can create musik but originality comes from the heart and mind, Def. hear talent in your tune, 5 all day for creativity, Return the opinion and vote, it matterz to us, GOD BLESS
Jimi Staggs
{ 06-10-2007 01:40 }
You got a nice sound, kind of vintage. Keep the music rockin and a rollin.
{ 06-09-2007 12:05 }
3days says:
{ 06-09-2007 09:15 }
I love the feel and the soul I'M a self taught multi insturment artist my self so I respect the true effort and time it takes to truly master your craft Awsome Job you get a 5 from me take care.....
Audible Silence (japan)
{ 06-09-2007 07:15 }
Creative, and different. I'm a self taught too, check mine let me know what you think.
John Davis
{ 06-08-2007 04:17 }
I must say very diferant u 5
Wayne Stanley
{ 06-07-2007 13:44 }
I heard some cool piano but did not hear any butterfingers
Micky B
Micky B says:
{ 06-07-2007 12:03 }
you are very talented. i am only 20. but i am also a self taught multi instrumntalist. i really hope i get as creative and talented as you some day. i give you a 5. good job my friend.
{ 06-07-2007 10:28 }