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GOLDSBORO, NC [Easy Listening, Jazz, R&B]

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I am a producer/composer from NC,I produce background music for advertising, in store background, radio spot background, music to set the mood for what ever you may do. Maybe you just need music to ride to when you are one a long drive. I hope you can find the music here that will Halp you..
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Leaf James
{ 12-20-2015 23:18 }
Donna Shannon
{ 06-27-2015 02:48 }
Niiiice work! Enjoyed ALL of it! My favs are #11 and 13. You got my 5 stars! My page is only covering other people's work; hopefully some originals are coming soon...
{ 04-19-2015 14:33 }
If you wish for me to get back to you please in box me here or email me at :