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  1. What to say (Paraphrase)? Copyright 2007
  2. Light of Life Copyright 2003
  3. Where were You Copyright 2003
Natasha Evans was born December. 17, 1980 and comes from a musical family. Her sister sings and her uncle on her father's side sang background vocals for Harry Belafonte. At three years old Natasha began singing along with the movie Annie to the song "Tomorrow."

Her first public appearance was at eight years old. She sang for a reading convention and was awarded and recognized for her rare singing ability at the Buffalo Convention Center. Natasha began pursuing music. Natasha was a understudy for Maria in West Side Story at Performing Arts. She won a Psi Phi Fraternity vocal contest and fifty dollars and a possible scholarship.

At nineteen between 1999-2003, Natasha sang for church events and in a jazz and world beat band called "Round Midnight Ensemble" and "Outer Circle Orchestra." Natasha and the band Outer Circle opened up for Maxi Priest. She performed for weddings, festivals and parties. The jazz band played in the same cafe/bistro weekly. She also performed in live musicals at "Ujima Theater." Natasha was the featured vocalist on a program called "El Barrio" that was aired in Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse and Toronto in 2003. Natasha also sang at an open mic at Ashford and Simpsons "Sugar Bar" night club in New York City. It was after a live performance of singing Yolanda Adams "I open up my heart" Natasha was thanked for sharing her gift by Valerie Simpson. This reminded her to continue pursuing opportunities.

After the two bands disbanded Natasha went to Rochester and joined "The Popshow Band" in 2005. They perform for weddings, charities, festivals, country clubs and parties. She and the band played with "The Mambo Kings." She still performs as one of the lead singer's in The Popshow band after 10 years.
The Popshow Band performs in Rochester, Buffalo, Pennsylvania, Canandaigua, Toronto, Lockport, Syracuse, Geneva Lake and more. Natasha also was featured on programs by The Spy Guys TV show in Buffalo and won various contests and performed a live gig with them.

In Buffalo 2011 and 2012 Natasha has performed for a Christmas and Easter event with a jazz band called "Al Ferguson and Company." In 2016, Natasha is currently online music networking for singing contests and seeking more gigs. Natasha has created a music buzz online at and and makes the top 100 charts on a weekly basis. Natasha has been ranked number one in the United States on Reverbnation as well as other music Websites. Stay tuned for any upcoming contests and gigs near you.
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{ 07-21-2016 17:13 }
very nice 555555
patrick says:
{ 01-17-2016 07:18 }
Nathalie you got a great voice and a talent. Go 5 and keep it up. i will be nice to ft with Africa
Robin Stevens
{ 01-04-2016 13:00 }
Hello Natahlie, First thanks for your vote and your comment, I so appreciate that and of course I am listening to your tracks and they are great! Good work and great voice!
Michael Anthony
{ 01-04-2016 06:21 }
I love " Light of life" 555's
Bob Crawford
{ 12-17-2015 15:15 }
Hi Natahlie--I'm finally getting the hang of this site. Regarding selling my albums Crossover Jazz # 1 & 2 are available on iTunes, Bandcamp. amazonMP3 & Google Play...Thank you for asking...
Kicking Saturday
{ 11-22-2015 12:54 }
This song was made for my music friends Air Echo Music SERAFIM(A.Vladichuk) Natahlie Ms.Money Thank you for your music friendship and support Always and forever your Kicking Saturday.
hotskippa says:
{ 11-12-2015 23:50 }
Nice .5
David Kelly Music
{ 10-29-2015 13:08 }
Beautiful, simply Beautiful! Peace, Love and Music always 7 Forever
Kicking Saturday
{ 08-21-2015 19:53 }
just kicking in whats up love ya hi-5 all day sweet a perfect live voice i would pick ya as my side blues jazz gal love ya always and always your Kicking Saturday my lead jazz lady for sure super hi five
Allery says:
{ 08-06-2015 01:59 }
5 all day
Billion Redy
{ 07-16-2015 22:40 }
Hi 5!!!
{ 06-11-2015 12:31 }
Natahlie says:
{ 02-16-2015 21:50 }
The Golden Nugget, 2046 Fillmore in Buffalo. Starts at 8 pm. $15 Advance tickets, $20 at the door. Info at Facebook too.
Natahlie says:
{ 02-12-2015 01:09 }
Hi my friends. Please visit my page on Facebook. Search Natasha Evans. You are invited to see the band Karisma play March. 7, 2015. The tickets are available now. Thank you for your support.
Kicking Saturday
{ 01-13-2015 16:46 }
happy new year happy kicking as well hi 5 live is better love always your fan good music with wine or beer cheers Natahlie in da house yes hi 5 more like hi 20
the ragged edge
{ 12-29-2014 10:24 }
nice performance
Gayla James
{ 12-22-2014 05:53 }
gaylajames new videos on
Sirj says:
{ 12-03-2014 19:13 }
You sing wonderfully :)
{ 11-30-2014 20:01 }
Tony jones
{ 11-25-2014 23:32 }
How are things going with your music ??? If you're in need of Music tracks and mixing Inbox me Thanks!
{ 11-09-2014 20:43 }
nice tracks 5555 all day
MSD says:
{ 11-06-2014 17:10 }
bless you with a big 5, and what a voice! wow love it;-)
Guy Klein
Guy Klein says:
{ 10-05-2014 16:28 }
Thumbs up from kicking Saturday :)
Vanessa Moses
{ 09-22-2014 13:47 }
Hi... i received a sweet comment bout my music from you a while ago..but only came across it today. Thank you so much... you have an amazing voice!... Keep in touch...God bless..
Sylvia says:
{ 09-22-2014 02:20 }
Wow what an amazing voice :)
Kicking Saturday
{ 09-15-2014 16:28 }
hi 10 to the soul
Kicking Saturday
{ 09-15-2014 16:27 }
a lady of my soul
Mekka Potter
{ 09-11-2014 03:17 }
Hi Natahlie ive been away from showcase ..keep your head up!
Charles L. Robinson II
{ 08-31-2014 14:52 }
Great voice on What To Say. Reminds me of Teena Marie
The Alston Experience
{ 08-29-2014 07:40 }
Nice photo unable to hear you music
K-SWORD says:
{ 08-17-2014 18:43 }
Nice tracks ma! Rated u a 5 keep doin yo Thing.
Gareth Newman  & Janet English
{ 08-17-2014 12:06 }
Thank you so much Your music is beautiful
DTurner says:
{ 08-12-2014 02:46 }
Beautiful Natahlie and thank you for stopping by my showcase
the marimba belles[ and beaus]
{ 08-11-2014 21:21 }
Great singing From Graham. Harmonies spectacular, enjoyable and engaging.
the marimba belles[ and beaus]
{ 08-11-2014 21:21 }
Great singing From Graham. Harmonies spectacular, enjoyable and engaging.
Mekka Potter
{ 08-11-2014 01:44 }
I have cast my vote for you..but you are a winner either way!
{ 08-10-2014 17:06 }
nice vocals ma , check me out.
David Kelly Music
{ 08-05-2014 04:49 }
nice, very nice
Natahlie says:
{ 07-25-2014 22:16 }
Click on Get Started now in orange. Select opponent and click on my video.
{ 07-22-2014 14:09 }
your voice and your sound is great ...five...but your video?
Natahlie says:
{ 07-11-2014 18:18 }
Hi my Showcase friends and fans. Please vote for me and click on this link. I entered a great singing contest. Thank you for your support. :)
{ 07-01-2014 18:31 }
Christian Gill
{ 06-30-2014 08:31 }
Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate them. Love your voice.
Tracy Mae
Tracy Mae says:
{ 06-20-2014 19:24 }
I love your Where Were You song. What a beautiful voice with pretty harmony,and great lyrics.Tracy
Ovell says:
{ 06-07-2014 22:39 }
Thank you my beautiful sister for such kind word I blessed your page with a big 5 as well, you be blessed my sister.
Mekka Potter
{ 06-03-2014 12:55 }
Hey Ms Natahlie! I just saw your comment,in process of securing copyrights on where were you then i want to re-record it.Thank you for stopping by I will let you know soon. Blessings songbyrd!
Sean Achilleos / Singer Songwriter Painter & Poet
Doing well Natahlie - take 5
Mekka Potter
{ 05-20-2014 05:23 }
Wow, I just realized I also have a song titled where were you..some different but needs to be yours!
Babygirl says:
{ 05-18-2014 22:35 }
Thank you I sing my on backgrounf
Falasha Isis
{ 05-16-2014 20:27 }
Blessed Love and Tnx...More Life, Love and Light
Terranth says:
{ 05-02-2014 09:59 }
You are such a kind person. Thank you! :)
Mekka Potter
{ 05-01-2014 22:08 }
You are too!!
Mekka Potter
{ 05-01-2014 09:24 }
I just wanted stop back by to grab some positive vibes, hearing you sing straight from the heart does it for me, so thanks for your light and God bless!
Drew Barron
{ 04-30-2014 03:54 }
Thank you very much for your kind words. I hope to give your tunes a good listen in the few days. Really looking forward to it.
Terranth says:
{ 04-19-2014 02:30 }
an amazing voice! love it so much!
NoleN says:
{ 04-16-2014 00:15 }
Make sure you contact Lady Hoover about getting your music copyrighted if you don\\\'t have it done thru the Us Copyrighted Office. She copyrights all my music and I get my certificates back fast. contact her @
Prestine Allen
{ 04-12-2014 15:58 }
Natahlie Amazing voice. You make me happy. Keep spreading the joy.
Open Source
{ 04-03-2014 10:34 }
thank you the nice comment. Keep up the good work. I have a new album release if you have some spear time. thanks again!
{ 04-01-2014 17:56 }
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Matt(The Scientist)Williams
{ 02-19-2014 19:36 }
Love your voice and music.
{ 02-16-2014 18:44 }
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Ivica says:
{ 02-10-2014 10:59 }
Thanks for the nice comment! You have an amazing voice! WHO knows, maybe we can Work together on some songs in the future.
{ 01-30-2014 17:18 }
i think she be singing to me lol do yo thing girl love the music
Angelmary says:
{ 01-25-2014 17:00 }
thanks for your comment !i love your voice reminds me of mary j bludge!laaaaaav et!!!!
Mekka Potter
{ 01-23-2014 01:21 }
Ms Natahlie wow your voice is certainly a beautiful gift from above, soar on songbird, where eagles dare!
Dave Kershaw
{ 01-18-2014 11:47 }
Thank you for taking the time to listen to my music, and for your lovely words. I wish you all the best in your career!
Steven Mramor
{ 01-16-2014 17:25 }
You are an amazing talent!
Mekka Potter
{ 01-14-2014 02:05 }
Greetings Ms Natahlie and thank you somuch for the 5 stars! My sound isnt working today but I promise to stop back in soon to listen..appreciate your positivity!
Lord We Give You Praise Ministries
{ 01-10-2014 03:27 }
ty so much for commenting on our songs.blessings to you and yours,enjoying your music as well
milis says:
{ 01-02-2014 00:32 }
Thank you so much for your nice comment on my page! Good luck with your music and stay blessed! Milis
Old School
{ 12-31-2013 08:32 }
Thank you for the kind words. I hope you have a great new year. I love hearing from people from Buffalo. Happy New Years and much love. Old School Starlin Parson
Kenji says:
{ 12-08-2013 19:41 }
Thanks for your comment and vote on my page. I enjoyed your profile as well. You have a lot of charisma! 5 from me :)
Malika says:
{ 12-01-2013 02:58 }
Great Voice!!! Thanks for visiting my page and all of your support is greatly appreciated as well. Keep up the great work I know you\'ll make it far.
hioob says:
{ 11-21-2013 03:24 }
I love it ;)
Vel Omarr
Vel Omarr says:
{ 11-15-2013 04:20 }
Thank you for your wonderful review of my music! You are definitely a very strong and talented singer! You sing with power and feeling! I love your voice! May God continue Blessing you!