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The Alston Experience

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CD Blue Eye Soul Photo Session
Stan starting illuminating sounds he heard at the age of ONE - by the age of three he was singing in Church. His 1st public appearance was at the age of eight in a community musical. His first club appearance was at the age of thirteen - he open for a group called the Manhattans.
Since that time his experience has taken him from England to Paris from Harlem New York to Florida. He has shared the stage with such greats as Al Green and the late Phyllis Hyman to name a few. He has shared off Broadway with Loretta Devine, in the life story of Thomas A Dorsey the creator of Gospel music.
Stan has a five-octave range voice that is clear and angelic. He has written commercials for AT&T, and it's Reach Out America campaign, also Radio and TV Networks in Baltimore, Maryland. He has authored two books "Faith, Love & Life", and Truth By Testimony." Musically he has released more than six CD recordings, and published more than 200 titles, with two books pending. He has received awards from TDK and BMI for his writing capabilities. He is a member of the International society of poets, and has affiliation with BMI, and ASCAP.
In May Stan completed the CD titled 'Life" which completes the Trilogy of the Book title Faith, Love & Life a collection of poetry and songs.
"Now a member of the 70's Group title "The Main Ingredient" with Cuba Gooding Sr.
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{ 07-24-2016 15:19 }
very nice 55555555
The Alston Experience
{ 12-07-2015 16:30 }
Hello Family, Friends and Supporters, wishing you and your family a happy holiday season.
Natahlie says:
{ 08-29-2014 23:42 }
Thank you for the compliment. Thanks for the heads up. Must be technical issues. Try visiting my page again some other time.
Sean Achilleos / Singer Songwriter Painter & Poet
Cool relaxing're a great musician! *****stars
The Alston Experience
{ 03-18-2014 22:23 }
Hello to all those who have visited and who support the Alston X\'perience. Don\'t forget I do support Jazz artist on 88five Flagler College radio on Wen from 3 to 5pm. Thanks for the visit.
{ 02-11-2014 15:09 }
Peep the bars
Donna Shannon
{ 10-24-2013 17:37 }
Hi - been a while since I checked in with SYM. Thanks for visiting my showcase. Appreciated all your constructive comments. I like your sound. My fav - Just One of Them Days!
Seija says:
{ 02-16-2013 12:41 }
Thanks for coming by my page, I really appreciate it. A true honor from such an established musician like yourself!! - DJ Seija
Kenji says:
{ 02-05-2013 23:56 }
I really like Latin Dream! nice groove and lovely piano!
BIGDOG says:
{ 01-31-2013 10:44 }
Natahlie says:
{ 01-09-2013 23:11 }
Thank you:)
The Alston Experience
{ 01-07-2013 14:33 }
Hello good people and yes we made it to 2013- You can hear me doing live broadcast on 88five Flagler College Radio, from 3 to 5pm Wen - or on I heart radio-
{ 08-15-2012 00:10 }
i like the music
Kenji says:
{ 06-09-2012 16:55 }
Hello! Thanks for your comment. I'm so happy you enjoyed "Be Free" it was definitely written to encourage and motivate. Very cool sound u got goin here. Best of luck with your music. Follow me on twitter @kenjisostellar
Natahlie says:
{ 06-08-2012 20:27 }
Unique sound of music. I enjoy your soulful and intense vocal ability. God Bless you in all your success! 5 stars for stardom. God Bless you my brother. :)
{ 05-02-2012 22:55 }
love the music bro please check out my stuff
Leaf James
{ 03-29-2012 22:41 }
Well let me give you your first fiver. From an old school jointer!
Jazzric says:
{ 03-24-2012 22:24 }
"well Alright" lol Great work Stan and keep on keep'in on man. Thanks for your kind word also. Big 5 :)