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Marc Smooth

Kinston, NC [HipHop, R&B, Rap]

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Twin Wooten based out of Jacksonville, NC. Marco aka Twin Wooten is a new upcoming rap star. He is a young stunna with his sights set on stardom and he would like you to follow him and support him in his endeavors. Twin aka Markezy Wooten is a future star in the music industry. He has a goal of become a hip hop Icon and although he is young and just starting out he has developed his skills and continues to perfect his craft. He is a future, producer, writer and rapper; keep your eyes out for this young super star because he will go far.
Twin has been rapping and writing since he was 12 yrs old, and at the age of 16 has decided to move further with his dream of becoming a signed artist. He has recently moved up the charts on Reverb Nation local chart to #2 in the Jacksonville area. You can find his music single “She kinky” on MySpace, Facebook, Spotlight Zone,, and the video is coming soon to YouTube. You may want to follow Twin on Twitter as well.
“I watch these other rappers out here doing their thing and I look at my creativity and see that I am just as marketable as they are…perfecting my craft daily to develop what in the future will be Greatness.” —-Twin Wooten[code]
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D.Trump says:
{ 09-22-2012 13:12 }
Nice music. Keep up the good work. Check me out. Vote and Leave a comment.
Just Kent (Producer)
{ 08-22-2012 17:21 }
Ninja\\\'s Gone Hate and She Got It are my favourites, rated 555
2TEKK$ says:
{ 08-15-2012 19:24 }
404 says:
{ 08-13-2012 22:05 }
I think what you’re doing is current & worth a five but keep it going with your own instrumental music behind you. Email me at to let me know what kind of beats you are looking for.
{ 08-11-2012 14:59 }
ke here to let everyone kno son up and coming