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Ukellettes at Covent Garden Market July 2012 2
Ukellettes Benefit Concert for LIFE*SPIN on Nov 07, 2014
Type: Show/Concert
Time: 19:00:00
Location: LIFE*SPIN LIVING ROOM (866 A Dundas St), London
Ukellettes Benefit Concert (& Sing-a-Long) for LIFE*SPIN at the LIFE*SPIN Living Room is a free concert, with free refreshments provided.

Concert from 7pm-9pm
Friday November 7th

NO COVER CHARGE (but all donations are welcome)
ALL donations all go to support the work of LIFE*SPIN.

LIFE*SPIN is one of the longest established and most respected Community Economic Development organizations serving low-income citizens in Ontario. The mission of LIFE*SPIN is to provide information and support for individuals surviving on low-incomes, and to support the empowerment and self-development of these individuals in their efforts to attain self-sufficiency. LIFE*SPIN is a registered charity

The Ukellettes play mostly old time, well loved songs from by-gone eras.

Additional information at

Contact info for location:-

LIFE*SPIN office is located at 866 A Dundas St, P.O Box 2801, London ON, N6A 4H4.

Tel:(519)438-8676 Fax:(519)438-7983 Email:

Website for location:-
Chocolate Sunday on Nov 16, 2014
Type: Show/Concert
Location: Marconi Club, London, ON N5W5E1
LIFE*SPIN major fundraiser

November 16, Marconi Club, 12:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Chocolate Treasures & Christmas Pleasures. Childrens activities.

Featuring the work of dozens of local artisans.

Live entertainment, including the Ukellettes.
Two line bio:-
The Ukellettes are a diverse group of women of varying ages and musical experiences who came together in their love of the ukulele. This simple, yet complex and highly portable instrument bestows the gift of music, and the reward of pure joy.

Expanded bio:-
The Ukellettes are a five piece (4 to 6, actually, depending on the season) all female ukulele ensemble, a diverse group of women of varying ages and musical experiences, who came together in their love of the ukulele, playing a variety of different ukes (soprano, concert, tenor, banjolele, baritone), of all shapes and sizes. They play mostly old time or traditional type songs from by gone eras.
Current group members (in alphabetical order) are: Anna Chamberlain, Annie Grindstaff, Jo-Ann Lawton, Karen McLaughlin, Amber Raymond & Libby Wheeler.
Libby is the most recent member, singing with the group for the first time in late September of 2013. Annie spends her winters in Hawaii (poor Annie) so the group is undermanned (or is that underwomanned?), during winters.

Mini Bio for each band member :-
Anna Chamberlain: When I heard about S.O.U.P., I was not even sure that I knew what a ukulele was exactly. I wandered in, had a ukulele put in my hands, and started strumming. I have been strumming ever since! I call it my happy machine. Really, give it a try; you just might surprise yourself...

Annie Grindstaff: Being fortunate enough to spend winters on the island of Molokai, Hawaii, it was not long before I became immersed and in love with the local music and their major instrument - the ukulele. I started learning from chord charts & books and from listening & playing along with the Hawaiian songs. At home, in London, especially with the Ukellettes, I realize how this wonderful instrument can be used to play every kind of music, and that it always brings a smile to the face & the heart.

Jo-Ann Lawton: With almost three decades of playing guitar, singing, songwriting and combining talents with others, in a variety of groups, trios and duos, I was musically battle weary. Then one fine day along came the ukulele. This supposedly silly little instrument brought its many layers of musicality with it, and opened a timely and welcome door for my ongoing creativity

Karen McLaughlin: Music has been a part of my life since I first heard the haunting use of a mandolin in PEI. I started to take mandolin lessons, eventually playing and composing songs on this instrument that became my soul instrument. Looking to expand my abilities and to find simple joy in music, I started learning the ukulele. Then I fell in love with the baritone ukulele which is my heart instrument and my joyful musical journey continues.

Amber Raymond: [i]I had wanted to learn to play a musical instrument for a long time so when the opportunity came up to learn ukulele I decided to try it. After my introductory evening at S.O.U.P. I bought my first uke first thing the next morning and I have been hooked ever since.

Libby Wheeler : [i] In early summer 2012, a friend suggested that I try playing the ukulele. The idea struck a chord, and the very next day I bought my first ukulele, even though I knew very little about music. I avidly searched for free online lessons and spent hours learning to strum this magical instrument. The rest of the story is an ongoing musical adventure.
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Jotek Marcin J\\\
{ 06-22-2013 11:29 }
Oksy Moron
{ 04-17-2013 23:30 }
You guys must have a lot of fun. :) A great concept, great sound. Keep going gals.
Quiet Class
{ 11-11-2011 13:02 }
You ladies are just great. What makes it so wonderful is that you all look like your having a good time, I think thats what it's all about. 5 from Quiet Class.
{ 09-06-2011 09:54 }
Hi all, I enjoyed listening to your showcase. A worthy 5, keep up the good work. Best wishes. Lynn
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 09-04-2011 18:52 }
Excellent Voices/Singing/Music & Playing! Welcome and Keep enjoying your Group/Friends, cos it's was fun for me too. Thank You all! Dee Jay Silverheels