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Dave Delacruz

LOS ANGELES, CA [Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Rock]

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  1. Universe
My name is Dave Delacruz. I'm a musician based in Los Angeles, CA. I do a lot of band work as well as some solo work. The song "Universe" is just a little something I decided to write to test out my new drums. I wrote all guitars and drums for the song. I LOOKING FOR NEW AGENTS, MANAGEMENT AND LABEL! I'm available to do fill-in guitar for touring/signed bands that need it. Contract only. I write all styles of music. Hard Rock and Metal are my favorite but enjoy and am capable of playing all styles. I've toured all over the Nation and Canada for over a year straight. I have had my music video featured on this page aired all over MTV and FUSE TV. I know the drill in the industry. So if you are an agent, management, and/or band that needs a fillin, maybe a permanent (depending on the offer) guitarist, please let me know!
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Asaro says:
{ 11-01-2008 14:05 }
Dude.... Great Stuff... Guitar is Raw... and Video is Well Done... Dig it.... Asaro
Dave Roy
Dave Roy says:
{ 07-17-2008 03:42 }
My man awesome sound and guitar work is off the charts. You got it goin on. You get a high 55555 from me. Many blessings to you brother.
{ 07-10-2008 02:34 }
fucking awesome dude(5)!!! best of luck in the future...rock on.
JC Drummer
{ 07-06-2008 16:42 }
Yo Dude Sounds awesome You got some talent for sure I may be moving back to Ca my self so let me know if you need a drummer for anything Come check out my band on my space shattered empire 69 let me know what you think \m/ Horns Up Metal4Life JC Bones
DJ Cap
DJ Cap says:
{ 06-29-2008 11:24 }
Great composition on your showcase, The music is good haevy metal so voted you a 5.
Kemar British aka Dureck
{ 06-27-2008 18:36 }
The name as change but the style still remains the say. This Kamer British aka Dureck check out the sound and vote, and 5 it is keep the sound blazing. Come check out my page and vote and let me know what you think.
{ 06-27-2008 13:44 }
great guitar leads 5.
{ 06-27-2008 09:10 }
You can play a bit and a bit more. Youll get a great touring band no probs. Brooks 5