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Vague Black aka Hotep

Cincinnati, OH [HipHop, Rap, R&B]

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11.11.13 The Return of the Gods
  1. I Am
  2. Feel my energy
  3. Love over me
Vague Black was born in Cincinnati, OH West End projects. Since early childhood years he showed signs of being musically inclined. His father William A Solomon was a D.J at the time would say “Vague ust to get on the microphone and my turn-tables at 4 years old, all he wanted to hear was Michael Jackson” Just like many of us Vague has been a part of Hip Hop groups along the way performing at local talent shows and events but as many groups do when things don\\\\\\\'t happen fast enough or everyone is on different pages they would break up. But Vague would not give up and would now be solo and move on to Open shows for Artist such as Jay-z, Jadakiss, Juvenile, Lil Wayne, and the list goes on. When he\\\\\\\'s not performing he\\\\\\\'s constantly writing and putting in countless hours in the studio witch has lead him hands down to be one of the most talented and hottest artist to Start breaking threw the Entertainment Industry
Today. He is not only a recording artist he is a producer, songwriter and audio engineer, so when it come to working he don’t have to wait on nobody… As of 2013 he is working on the Mixtape \"The Return of the Gods\" this music right here is the future of hip-hop music, the Mixtape drop in fall of 2013
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{ 02-05-2015 12:48 }
feelin your style keep up the good work 5 up
Kicking Saturday
{ 01-19-2015 22:09 }
Vague Black aka Hotep in da mood and in da house high 5 love it
{ 10-24-2013 10:40 }
I got fam in youngstown and when i come down that way i\'ll hit you up B. Let\'s stay in touch and get on a track.
{ 10-06-2013 16:28 }
Thx for the love playboy i got to give right back!! 5 from Germany. One
Vague Black aka Hotep
{ 10-06-2013 06:54 }
good look....FOE
mental Invasion
{ 04-21-2013 09:13 }
5 my g real street sh-t DMX sound keep givin it to um Ni--a want beef ill heat um up