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Nairobi [HipHop, Rap, New Age]

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  1. Amma make you rock
  2. Its the beginning
  3. Ni wakati
  4. Washa Kalightah

Vociferous are a kenyan company composed of three immensely talented musical individuals namely Friki Rigz, K.D.B and MC Keevoh. They are currently signed to Hoodstuff Records in Nairobi as recording artistes.


George "K.D.B" Yonga, Kevin "MC Keevoh" Ng'weno and Reagan "Friki Rigz" Musa embarked on their musical journey back in their high school years in Hospital Hill High, Nairobi. They initially collectively went by the name "boy-sterrous" which is a corruption of the term 'boisterous' which means bustling with life and noise. They later decided to ditch it due to its 'boy' association as it emerged that their music was gaining maturity without losing an ounce of its vibrancy and energy. They therefore settled for 'Vociferous' which means expressing one's self opinions and ideas in a loud, confident and authoritative manner. The only corruption that exists is in the pronounciation.
For Vociferous to penetrate into and stay relevant in the entertainment industry, they knew they required a considerable amount of financial resources. They resorted to hustling out of a sense of desperation by even selling contraband items to their boarding schoolmates such as confectionery (bubble gum, chocolate, gumdrops and lollipops), to fund the recording of their first hit. Its title was D.N.H (acronym for Definite Number One Hit) which adequately and accurately described and defined the song's reception. Vociferous' progress has been noted to skyrocket both in terms of generation and production of new musical material, plus, their products' acceptability.


Vociferous have been highly credited for the practise and actual mastery of a stylistic genre of music labelled as new-age. The avant-garde approach gives the old a new, refreshing and youthful feel without diminishing the music's originality, vocal composition and maturity whatsoever. Play one Vociferous tune and you will unconciously love the next one wishing you had repeated the previous track. That is how gifted this team is. The chemistry present when they are at work and play is unmatched and no other group is able to administer its lyrical prowess as exceptionally as Vociferous can.These statements are factual.
Vociferous are currently signed to Hoodstuff Records where they are also minor co-owners. The label was founded and is run by Tonny "Tha Professaz Dokta" Mwiti who is also the most sought after new-age music producer in Africa. Any fusion you thought impossible is thrown back at you in the positive opposite to recognize that dynamism is the mother of creation.


Vociferous strives to scoop any positively coveted award their exists in the entire universe. They also seek to empower the underpriviledged minority through their efforts. Philanthropism and benevolence are the pillars and cornerstones that hold up the Vociferous stable structure. They have been involved in community programmes including :-
1. Educate the African Girl Child.
2. It's not Female Circumcision, It's Female Genital Mutilation!
3. Disability ain't Inability.
4. Battle for a Malaria-free Africa.
5. Youth Basketball Association, just to mention a few.

They are two-times nominees for the Chaguo la Teeniez Best Group of The Year Award school category (2004-2005)and have also curtain-raised for the Jamaican ragga/dancehall music group T.O.K during their African tour in (2004). Vociferous' contribution to Africa has been enormously massive and they are still fueled up to achieve more.


Vociferous were embroiled in a legal copyright tussle over one of their tracks which kenyan rapper D.N.A had stolen but the latter resolved to settle the matter out of court to avoid public humiliation.


Vociferous have been musically influenced by greats such as The late Femi Kuti, Salif Keita, The late Notorious B.I.G, The late 2pac Shakur, Lost Boyz, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Jay-Z, Nas, Lil Wayne, Papoose, The late E-sir, K-South Flava, TKZEE Family, DBanj, M.I, HHP, Wu-Tang Clan, Def Squad, EPMD and Ukoo Flani Mau Mau. They have collaborated with artistes such as Geedruff ( Owee ), SLIM ARN ( Step Up In The Club ), THA PROFFESSAZ DOKTA ( get it right, thats me, i got three ), KADAH ( streets, simple ), J-WIZZ ( nothing on us, mess with, house party, it's the beginning, ma hood ), j-nasty ( that's me, washa kalighta ), WIZZ ( twende embakasi ), NICOLE ( nothing on us ) RONNIE BOY ( iba moyo ) who all also double up as label mates. Vociferous have released a mixtape entitled Hoodstuff Ent. Inc. They have an album in stores titled "Tha V-Kroniklez : Vo.C Chapta 1" which contains the best material by Vociferous so far. Plans are underway for the production of six more albums and countless mixtapes in the foreseeable future so do not listen to Vociferous inclusively but exclusively. Your support has been and always will be appreciated. Thank You.
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U definately got some feel good music. I was feelin' it. Feel free 2 check my profile out and rate my music.Good luck for the future!
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Amazing!Keep on keepin on!5!
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Tight staff, keep it coming..aleku ...5/5
Nola Musik World
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Keep it up you'll hot 5 all day check out my page
DJ Stereo (Music Producer/DJ)
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Good job fellas! You got my support. Take this 5* rating while your at it.If you ever need any ORIGINAL, GANGSTA, STREETHEAT,email me for some beats.Collaborations are ALWAYS welcome. I got ALL these BEATS, but NO MC's......
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