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Wild Roses and Horses

Taylorsville, NC [Country, Country Rock, Blues]

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Wild Roses and Horses
  1. Wild Roses and Horses
  2. (blank)
  3. (blank)
  4. Applepie Moonshine
  5. Highway Bound
  6. Red Belly Ford
  7. Sobering Proof
  8. Take me back to Try Me
  9. Time wont change things

Thanks for stopping by. Wild Roses and Horses was formed after George Covetskie met Dave Kerley in a small Coffee shop where David was doing a solo thing.
George asked if he could sit in one night and from day one, the music started progressing.

David writes, plays guitar and sings. George plays Bass and Guitar and some singing but together, they managed to put together a nice duo.
From there many of their fans asked if we were ging to put together a band.
After a few jam sessions with other musicians, they finaly meet Bobby Simmons on Drums.
Then, Phil Adam on bass.
Finaly, Ivan Struden on Fiddle was the icing on the cake.

Wild Roses and Horses managed to scape through a few home recordings of David Kelrey Originals and one from George called Sobering Proof where Dave wrote the words.
We are sharing these tunes and will post some more soon. But if you would like to hear and see more about the band, go to:

Thanks again for stopping by.
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Lisa Goodale
{ 04-30-2012 17:52 }
thanks ya'll
Lisa Goodale
{ 04-21-2012 16:50 }
Hi, good profile guys.5 for U Telling my age, certain phrase( vocally) made me think of Bobby Goldsberg-- God Bless
{ 01-12-2012 10:59 }
my kind of music,keep up the the song writting, good vocals, the whole package, all the best 5 from me Greg
Trevor James
{ 12-30-2011 02:15 }
Excellent showcase - very commercial sound - big 5 from me - wishing you all the success that will no doubt come your way.
mental Invasion
{ 12-28-2011 23:08 }
Mr. My City
{ 12-25-2011 19:55 }
stopping by to wish you success on your journey. good luck!
Richard Murray
{ 12-24-2011 22:25 }
Great lyrics and Strong vocals..roll with it!
{ 12-24-2011 10:24 }
Great country music. I'm thrilled to be your first vote (of many to come) for 5 STARS. Keep up the GREAT music.