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denpasar [New Age, Alt. Rock, Prog Rock]

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yamashatu present
This is one of many band in Bali - Indonesia to give a new sound moderation with GrooveRock , Hardcore , and Ballad Essential.

Mold firstly with our fuckin cool bassist Ajax, he looking for new personel and get known with Yogi (drum) actually his share chilhood friend, the boring situation with all same wave genre in bali, thier booth try to looking another personel, and finally Indra (Vox) and ELmo (guitar) did it for completly the band in Maret 10th 2007, meanwhile, our last member join is Openk (guitar),join in middle August 2008 for prepare L.A IndieFest *Indonesian Indie Musik Event* and our next album.

Some previous song when it was upload here is our experiment(raw fuckin concept) to mix and match our character before we've got the new ultimate recording.
After take hibernate in studio two mounth long,our album finish in November 2007 and release in Desember 3rd 2008.
to be an indie band in Indonesia like us its realy take a many struggle and sacrifice for distribute and promote it to all of peoples ears.

Thats our few storygraphy about Yamasahatu.
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Bunker Records
{ 10-19-2008 02:23 }
Love the sound! great music! 5's all day RESPECT!
The Annelidas
{ 08-10-2007 20:45 }
very heavy music with a few moments of ethereal sounds. it is not a style i am used to but i give you the respect still you deserve it. cheers guys!
{ 08-08-2007 06:36 }
I wish you nothing but success in your journey to stardom! I give you a 5, keep getting them! Juliana Please visit my sites:
MIC-O says:
{ 07-09-2007 21:55 }
I'm loving your style check this out and let me show you what I can do for you
Chuchi and the Growlers
{ 07-02-2007 14:43 }
Hey guys, Nice track. Love the drums at the begining! Check our tracks out and let us know what you think. The Growlers
{ 06-13-2007 13:41 }
like the off time drum, this song is good just a remix i feel..keep it up guys. CeeDee
The HookUp
{ 06-12-2007 22:35 }
Sounds good keep it up