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Zefan Susanto

Surabaya [Jazz, Funk, Gospel]

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Zefan Susanto
About Music Arranging:

All Music arrangements are generally written "in house" by Zefan Susanto, who experienced music and jingle arranger and one of the Surabaya's most knowledgeable Jazz musicians.
Zefan has gone on to arrange music publications, music scoring, TV, theater and studio sessions.
As experienced professional performers we know what musicians want to read and we can produce it on time, every time. We are so confident about our standards and deadlines

that we absolutely guarantee them!
Our manuscript department covers these main areas:

Score copying

How does it work?

If you are interested in getting a work arranged contact us and outline the kind of thing that you need. Let us know things like:

1. How many instruments,
2. Length of music,
3. Style,
4. Deadline.

We should be able to give you an accurate, set price.
If you are able to upload or email an audio file then that's extremely useful and we can confirm a set price after listening to the track..
You can upload files to and confirming by phone or SMS

Do I have to pay up front?

For our professional services, we charge a SET PRICE from the outset and with most work we will require no payment until completion.
We send you part of the arrangement so that you can see that the work has been done and view the standard of the work. We email the complete file to you upon payment.
With large projects it may be necessary to charge part payment at certain points within the work.

What is a music arrangement?
A music arrangement is a modification of an existing composition, usually with additional compositional elements added.
The job of an arranger is every bit as important as that of a composer and is a highly sophisticated art. A good arranger needs a thorough knowledge of harmony, style and

orchestration. They need to know exactly what a particular instrument can or cannot play and in what register the instrument will sound most effective. An arrangement might

include elements of paraphrasing, reharmonisation and composition. If an arrangement contains no new material it is generally called a transcription.
Arranging is the original equivalent of music production and mixing- for live musicians. The arranger has to balance the tones and pitches carefully and this takes a great deal of skill.

You write a song, we craft the music. Call Us Now +62 81 2313 8338

Please rate My Showcase and Leave some comments, I really appreciate it, Thank You.

For all of you keep on the community alive and keep on your great job!
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karlhos misajel
{ 06-08-2011 05:11 }
Yeah man, looking forward to elaborate on a project your service
Kicking Saturday
{ 06-27-2009 15:31 }
want to make warm jazz blues song want to try it with ya im a singer with a studio
{ 06-27-2009 11:19 }
Very nice and inspiring music. 555 from us.
Terry Sanders
{ 10-07-2008 12:03 }
I want to thank you for stopping by my showcase page and leaving me that wonderful comment. You also have some nice and smooth grooves on your page. Stay Blessed and keep playing!!!
Big Daddy Cee - Keyboardist/Songwriter/Producer
well laid out tracks....allthough I can hear some quantization issues midi-wise, you do have good musical chops.....keep up the good work....gave you a 4....Peace! Cee
MaddBeat says:
{ 04-19-2008 21:57 }
check out James Flames from MaddBeat Gave u a 5
Kicking Saturday
{ 04-04-2008 18:53 }
Olympic song messengers
{ 03-29-2008 08:57 }
interesting sound. i like it and rated you 5!!!!! come visit.....
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 03-27-2008 18:42 }
comin through to show mad R E S P E C T, your musik holds no boundaries, got my full out S U P P O R T, 5, h i tbak
{ 03-26-2008 12:02 }
real fire cuz real tight 5 all day ***** come see me
smicki says:
{ 03-20-2008 21:14 }
love it please listen to my music and tell me what you think honestly
Kicking Saturday
{ 03-20-2008 18:17 }
Darlene Miller
{ 03-15-2008 12:27 }
Refreshing style, the flow is great, very entertaining. You should be on all the radios. Great music. Where do I buy it? Darlene
Etzal says:
{ 03-14-2008 14:21 }
pretty musical adjustaments, I congratulate you by your compositions, vote with five.
Sope Soetan
{ 03-14-2008 07:18 }
you have cool music please comment and rate me back and add me on myspace if you have 1
Motown Moe
{ 03-13-2008 21:18 }
I loved this music, very nice chill sound along with smooth jazz feel. (5) all day long. Much respect MM
The Council
{ 03-12-2008 15:47 }
Loved the mix of genre and the vocal eerily was moving in a great way ,best to you/chazz fives and peace.