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tupelo, MS


tupelo, MS

I was born and raised in Tupelo,Ms,on the Westside.It wasn't the easiest life but I survived to tell it to you.I've been rappin' for a long time and I never took it serious until I realized that I truly had a gift for expressing my true self through lyrics.I consider my way of rappin' to be unlike no other.I also listen to other rappers,such as Z-Ro from Texas,and possibly the most under-rated artist.As you can see I also do 85% of all rappin' with no cursing or harsh language.I speak the truth and nothing less.I can rap and still stare at myself in the mirror on a day to day basis.I would like for you all to respect my music and lsten,don't just let it play but listen.By the way my name is Chris Rice,most people call me C-Rice.You can also view more of my music on My Space just look me up under my Email([email protected])or ([email protected])Thank you.My Showcase (


Recent Tracks

Song Length
I'm the one [3:35] 3:35
I thank my God feat.N8P(prod. by Vac) [3:42] 3:42
Relentless Mayhem(prod. by Vac) [3:47] 3:47
The Same( Vac) [3:41] 3:41
Da Truth Pt.2(prod. by Vac) [3:27] 3:27


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