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Chris Sebby - Most songs on this site are from solo albums by Chris Sebby. Ungenreable newschool sounds featuring a diverse selection of music written and performed by a select few artists. Produced By Chris Sebby Featuring Billy Perry From "Armadildo", label as well as a feature performance by Cal Pollard and a few electronic songs were co-written with Hunter Dasten under a side project alias \"Ikarus Burns\". I am currently performing as a solo singer/songwriter/artist/digital recording producer for my independant label "Skurf Productions", But I am always down to collaborate with any artists, any genre. Most of the music is a coordination of originals and jams By Chris Sebby and Billy Perry. The majority of these songs were written during very tough trying times, some well orchestrated, some spontaneously created and recorded. These tracks are slightly emo and dark. Mostly all tracks were one- take recordings. WOW! For the true overall feel there are another 8 to 10 finished tracks not yet recorded or posted and more in the works. They really rock the true feel so please don't be fooled or stereotypically critical of these tracks as some are from the past so to speak. P.S. Props to Billy, Hunter, and Cal for their help in making this happen. Be sure to hit LIKE on my facebook page ... My Facebook Fan page or my personal facebook... My personal Facebook Page check out my myspace too.. here\'s the url... My Music Myspace Page or my personal page... My Personal Myspace Page you can find me at Unsigned too... My Page Or Reverb Nation, my newest site... My Page My website (under construction)is: I am dying itching to get my new songs burnt!!! I have a whole album, a dozen songs, in waiting. I just don't have anything to record on right now. I am at the point that I just need to get them burnt so I can really focus on a new batch. One album at a time, I am patient but life is short. I've decided I'm givin' 5's or nothin'at all! PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO RATE ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEHIND THE MUSIC: BY TRACK: "The Dragon" (Remix) - "Dragon" is a compilation of two seperate songs fused together. The original songs were "Reeper" and "Eight Hour Song". It was later remixed by my close friend John. "9 Hour Song" - This was nine minute freestyle jam done in one take. It features crazy vocal effects that can't ever be duplicated I'll never tell. Billy and I elaborated on this to make it the forever lasting composition that it is now. "Beautiful Perfection" The name says it all. Each element of this song is orchestrated and performed by me as a solo artist. "Crazy" - Appropriately named, "Crazy" is about killing motherfuckas! Billy and I did this on a spur, in one take! "Every Time (Society Propaganda)" - This one was a stress reliever about the everyday bullshit thrown at you while your life passes by. "Fly Through the Sun" - It is a feeling you get when you play like you could just fly through the sun. This song was the first Billy and I recorded together. The vocals I adlibbed on the first take. I had only heard the song once before. The instrumentation was all Billy's creation. This was what made us realize we clicked musically. "Sharky" - All Billy!!, this song is about a imaginary dog who drown at the beach. (This may have been metaphorically inspired by me) Since I almost drown Billy by dragging him with, paddling out in some rough hurricane surf! He'd stayed up all night working on a trippy song called, "fun" ,drinking beer. Ironically, I'd written "Hurricane" a few days prior (same storm). "Prozac" - All me!! This Bomb is sort of a tribute to, "baby mama drama" ,billy named it "prozac". Features awsome special vocal effects once again I'll never tell. "Anything You Want" This piano rock meets drum and bass conversion was written in collaboration with artist/producer, Hunter Dasten, under an electronic act Alias "Ikarus Burns" The majority of live shows were performed at "The Wormhole Venue". tell about the rest later.......


Recent Tracks

Song Length
Don't Drown [2:24] 2:24
Something in the Way (Nirvana Rewrite) [2:10] 2:10
Darkness x8 [3:12] 3:12
ClownShoes (Ikarus Burns) [3:54] 3:54
Space Jam! [4:50] 4:50


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