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MUSIC: BLONDESHELL: WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE WHO HAS GIVEN THE TIME AND KINDNESS IN RATING US AND FOR THE INCREDIBLE COMMENTS. ,WE APPRECIATE IT MORE THAN YOU KNOW. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE Hi, we are Twin Sisters,(as if you hadn't noticed lol) from ... beautiful Plymouth Devon in the UK, a wonderful part of the country to live and be brought up as a child. We are very lucky and privileged to have done so. We are twenty four, with music and dance being a commitment & passion in our lives... since we can remember. So this is it... a little of our biography... We Performed live Solo and Duets from an early age, at school and college concerts. Completed a Two Year Higher BTEC Performing Arts in Dance with Triple Distinction grade.(Never been achieved before for this year group) It was here that we auditioned for Carlton Television an chosen to be filmed for our own documentary, as part of a six week series, to celebrate the return of an era from the seventies within the club scene in London. We have completed two original tracks,and one cover. Music DVD: Pop/R&B/Genre. We have been working within the professional ‘Recording Studio’ of the ‘Wonderful’ Stevie Lange, Artist… Voice Coach/ Producer,to many top artists, within the Music Industry. Together with Sound Technicians/ Producers,in London. We worked with a professional body of people for our Music Video. A top accomplished and experienced Dancer & choreographer,who has performed in the Will Young Concerts and many other artists…‘Blue’ being one . She has danced,and toured with many top artists. We were given one day,to film and edit for this project. The time line given was under two weeks, to study Lyrics,record/produce,film and submitt to the television company for their perusal. A full package to make this successful was put together cosisting of Choreographer,location,professioal camera crew, editing suite and freelance Editor. Make up, hair and wardrobe had to be considered. We together with our photographer,freelance film /camera crew from channel 4,Co produced & directed the project with a Freelance Editor from Channel 4. We contributed with Artistic Input and Co/film Edited,the Music Video and finished within the time schedule submitting our ‘Music Video’ on time. We were successfully chosen to perform our tracks/music video of vocals & dance live for a major Television talent show to go out on air with the buzz being that it was to be as big as The X Factor. Dates where to be determined, as one of the main directors/producers became seriously ill and was hospitalised. We have performed in a 'Music Video' for a new artist,and his debut single 'Show U Love' from an album to be released, with the Independent Record Label. Blunt UK 'Independent Record Label, who have worked with top artists ‘Basement Jaxx’ and many more. 'Myspace' We wish him all the luck in the world. We have worked with producers from an Independent Record Label,together with a financial backer. Towards an album with music video for two tracks of the album. We were offered a recording/publishing contracts, Due to contractual disagreements. We have not been able to continue and sign with the Record Label. Other interest has been shown within the music Industry. TELEVISION BLONDESHELL Auditioned and Chosen to be part of a six week documentary series to be filmed by 'Carlton Television’, performing for ‘Our Own Reality Personal Documentary’ for one episode of the series. To celebrate the return of a dance era in the seventies, called 'Puchca’ to London. We performed with a Professional Dance Company who Dance at the MTV & BRIT Awards, on a VIPs Celebrity (invitation only) Night? At the ' Venopolis Night Club' London. The Night Club was amazing and the dance crew were lovely and good fun. Worked with producers,film/camera crew and directors from 'Carlton Television' for the programme. Auditioned at MTV, for ‘Reality Programme.successful. Last but not least...we thank 'production manager at ‘Talk Back Thames’ at Thames Television. Who helped start our journey...after our manager contacted the television studio, in meeting Stevie Lange. MAGAZINE/NEWSPAPER: BLONDESHELL We have gained support and experience working with the local media by building a good relationship through articles/features of our career. ‘The Evening Herald’, part of the Daily Mail Group. Proof reading (Personal editorial) and working with the photographers for Television/modelling for local media photo shoots for Top Shop. We have experience working within a professional recording environment, We can deliver a package, not afraid of hard work and used to working to tight time schedules. We are down to earth, with our head, heart and feet firmly on the ground. Committed, Dedicated,passionate,tenacious, with a Professional Attitude... without an Oversized Ego, with the Will to Succeed. Thank you for your time, we hope this meets with your approval. BLONDESHELL X Influences: Initially Michael Jackson....Britney Spears, All Saints, Blue, Kylie, when younger...Now it varies as there are too many to mention. Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Rhiana, Jamelia, Sugar Babes, Jo Jo, Delta Goodrrum, Lucy Silvers, Lemar, Lee ryan, Simon web, Kelly Clarkson, Nickleback, Evanescence, Neo, Usher, N -SYNC. James Morrison, Paolo Nutini, Daniel merriweather, Mark Ronson,Pussy Cat Dolls. There are so many more... Sounds Like: Our own, developing sound Website:Myspace website having maintenance, will update as soon as possible.Thank you Record Label: Interest from two Independent Record Labels and producers in Norway. Universal Records/ United States other management companies . Label Type


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PaulGraham at 11:40

Girls, I don't know if you still use this site or check this account? It's me, Paul that used to look after you both when you were little. I lost contact with you all and have been trying to get back in contact for years. I hope you see this message! PS, You both sound amazing as you always did xx

4 years ago