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Nashville, TN

My ultimate dream? To be more of a back up/Studio singer!! I want to give the front line a rest for while and do some back up or studio work. [color="blue"]I have been doing some recording in Nashville.(This is not a cheap career!!) Music has been a great passion of mine and initially (and still do) I wanted to be a back up singer. I like to sing songs in my own unique way because I don't want to sound like an already established artist. My only regret? Sometimes the songs I sing are not good song choices for me. I need help in that area!!!! Also, I wish I would have had some vocal training somewhere through the years! Those who know me, know my passion for music and when I'm on stage, it shows! I LOVE the stage!! Although I am not THAT familiar with a lot of the Dixie Chick songs, I did hear this one (Not Ready To Make Nice) and thought this one would be a great one to perform for all those times we just don't want to budge on this or that with a spouse, family member or friend! That's the first thing I thought of when I heard this song so I decided to record it. Guess I'm stubborn that way! Seeing though I am originally from Oklahoma, on "Poor Poor Pitiful Me" I decided that in the last verse, that I met a boy from OKLAHOMA instead of "Yokahoma"! I am getting ready to perform in Branson, Mo., the Mo. State Fair, Dodge City, Ks. Amarillo TX, and the Tennessee State Fair this summer/fall and I have performed in various cities through out the US. I have appeared on a couple of television shows through the years.I would like to thank all the musicians, engineers, back up singers and of course the producers that I have had the opportunity to work with. It's amazing how these guys can sound [b]so[/b] much like a lot of the tracks that I have heard. I have met some really great country super stars and What an amazing experience that will never be forgotten![color="red"] [color="red"][color="red"]Thanks for listening, please give me your feedback and Please also note, that these songs are NOT mixed,mastered nor pitch corrected through pro tools, tuner mics or anything like that yet (which alot of artists use now) because I wanted to get the RAW STUDIO VOCALS out there. Thanks and I hope y'all like it! Let me know which song is your FAVORITE!!!! God Bless[/color][color="green"][/color] Be sure to visit my Christian music showcase: [color="orange[color="blue[color="red"]"]"]"Only In Dixieland"!! See ya there! FYI..The vote ranks that you see on these showcases are out of over 32,000 musicians and artists![color="green"][/color][b][color="darkblue"][/color][b]


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Drinkin' In My Sunday Dress N/A
Not Ready To Make Nice N/A
Lovin' All Night N/A
Georgia Rain (The Softer Side of Me!) [4:29] 4:29
Redneck Woman (Voted Fan Favorite!) [3:35] 3:35


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