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2003KLUBSTALLIONTRKZ., was formed in a little home studio around the month of July 2003, after a major decision to become one of the next up and coming composers to look for work within an industry that definitely has a need for new blood, not to mention the fact that somehow this music we've been hearing has become mildly stating rather watered down by all the sampling and the lack of commitment on the part of these so called producers. My true intent is to bring back that warm feeling when music made you think and remember all the fun that you use to have before life became so extreme, if given the opportunity I would love to show not only the artist but,the whole world just what may be coming to a studio near you! Sincerely, Kolt MF Kompozar A.K.A. KMFK Instrumental Musical Trk Producer; KLUB STALLION TRKZ. A Division Of KSSP09


Recent Tracks

Song Length
Licwit [3:38] 3:38
Zusabrol [3:40] 3:40
Qway-Z [4:36] 4:36
Fonibone [2:21] 2:21
Rajyme [3:15] 3:15


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