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Milwaukee, WI


Milwaukee, WI

Iberia was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. With a father who played bass, congas, and sang and a mother who was a dancer and poet, Iberia was destined to be an artist. Today her years of musical sowing has reaped a harvest of songwriting, bass playing, singing, poetry, and even acting. Iberia has gained local success in her home town, playing and various clubs and venues around the city with her 7 piece band. All that have an opportunity to taste the Iberian experience always leave hungry for more. She is anxious to share her gift with all who have a desire to listen. Her style ranges from Soul to Spiritual to R&B to jazz to Rock. Whatever and where ever she performs, her motto is to “make it funky one time….” Want to join the Iberia Newsletter list to keep up with the performances, happenings, and accomplishments in the world of Iberia? Just click below where it says "private message" provide your name and email address in your message and you will be added to the list to receive Iberian Updates monthly. Thank you for your support.


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